iSeries CL Programming

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Hands-on course for iSeries students who intend to write Control Language programs to simplify server management and make effective use of system resources.

This course is suitable for application programmers, systems programmers and others who have a need to write Control Language programs.

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Create CL programs to simplify system management tasks
  • Code CL statements for arithmetic, relational and logical expressions
  • Use the interactive source debugging facilities of STRDBG
  • Create user-defined commands with and without parameters
  • Create a Control Language program that processes a database file
  • Create and invoke a program that is activated periodically and executes asynchronously from other jobs

Practical Work: Each student will have a dedicated workstation to complete the numerous practical exercises. Sample solutions will be provided.

Follow on courses:  

  • AS06 - RPG IV Programming - Fundamentals
  • AS86 - Application Development Using WDSc

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iSeries CL Programming (16 topics)

  • Arithmetic/boolean/string expressions.
  • Program variable definition and use.
  • Built-in functions
  • Conditional processing.
  • CALL/RETURN and parameter passing.
  • Date conversion.
  • Display and database file handling.
  • Data Area and Data Queue manipulation.
  • Retrieve & change job/user attributes.
  • Using system values.
  • Message handling :
  • Correcting programs with source debug.
  • Never-ending batch programs.
  • User-defined commands.
  • Compiler options.


Before taking this course, students should be able to: Perform basic system operations Issue the appropriate commands to send inquiry and information messages Use DDS and the host-base toolset (PDM,SEU, SDA) to create physical, logical, and display files Describe basic iSeries work management Create a library, output queue and a job description

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