Designer Overview

1 Day Course
Code ODO

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Oracle Development Training Courses.


Topics Covered (24 topics)

  • The Front Panel
  • The Repository Object Navigator (RON)
  • The Matrix Diagrammer (MXD)
  • The Repository Administation Utility (RAU)
  • The Process Modeler
  • The Entity Relationship Diagrammer (ERD)
  • The Dataflow Diagrammer (DFD)
  • The Function Heirarchy Diagrammer (FHD)
  • The Database and Application Design Transformers
  • The Design Editor (DE)
  • Analyzing the Requirements
  • Creating a New Application System
  • Process Modeler
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Data Modeling with the ERD
  • Establishing a Function Heirarchy
  • Refining the Dataflow
  • Designing and Generating Database Objects
  • Transforming a Conceptual Model to a Physical Model
  • Generating Database Objects
  • Designing and Generating Software Modules
  • The Structure of a Module
  • Using Module Diagrams
  • Generating Application Modules


There are no formal pre-requisites for this course but knowledge of the Systems Analysis life cycle and Oracle Database environment would be an advantage. Since Designer is a Windows based product, proficiency in the use of a Graphical User interface is essential.

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