z/OS UNIX System Services Part 1 - Concepts and Facilities

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Unix Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Unix Training Courses.


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Introduction to UNIX and open systems (1 topic)

  • Where did UNIX come from?; the three 'foundations': SVR4, BSD, OSF/1; commercial and 'hobby' UNIX systems; open systems standards; POSIX and Open Group branding

UNIX system overview (1 topic)

  • UNIX internals overview; Processes and programs; the Shells; UNIX file system; user accounts & access control.

The Kernel and the Shell (1 topic)

  • Different shells: Bourne, Korn, C; starting the Shell; main Shell functions; Command Line interpretation; UNIX multitasking: foreground, background; Shell variable and shell programming.

The UNIX file system concept (1 topic)

  • Files, directories and permissions; listing, locating, copying and moving files; controlling I/O and using Pipes; browsing & searching text - pg, grep; sorting text files; formatting and printing.

USS file systems (1 topic)

  • USS running in batch; USS-related JCL; USS TSO commands.

Interactive UNIX (1 topic)

  • TSO terminal support; direct login with rlogin and telnet; the Shell and shell commands; TSO commands and ISPF panels; OEDIT and OBROWSE.


A basic understanding of mainframe data processing

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