Installing, Configuring and Servicing z/VM for Linux Guests

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Learn to perform a basic I/O configuration, initial install, configure the CP component, define and save segment, configure TCPIP, and apply service to your z/VM system for the support of Linux guest operating systems. 

This course is intended to be taken by S/390 system programmers new to z/VM or ESA/VM or system programmers who will be responsible for the implementation of a z/VM system for the support of Linux Guest System.


You will learn how to install and tailor z/VM and how to do an initial installation, tailor your system files to match your installation, use the Control Program (CP) configurability support, and build the CP nucleus as a module. Learn how to update your CP system directory, define and save CMS, and regenerate your saved segments using Virtual Machine Serviceability Enhancements Staged/Extended (VMSES/E). Become familiar with the TCP/IP feature of z/VM and how it connects to the intranet or internet and to guest Linux systems. Learn to apply corrective service to a z/VM system using the native VMSES/E commands and using the SERVICE and PUT2PROD EXEC. Use the VMFINFO command to determine if a PTF has been applied.
Use the z/VM system editor

  • Plan the initial installation of your z/VM system
  • Modify the system configuration files
  • Generate new entries in the system directory
  • Configure the IOCP/ HCD / HCM definitions
  • IPL and manage the z/VM system
  • Configure the TCP/IP service machines
  • Discuss system management commands
  • Construct Saved Systems and Saved Segments
  • Apply Service Processes to the z/VM system
  • Execute the VM Service Commands for regeneration of the system
  • Planning and logging local modifications to your z/VM system.

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z/VM overview (12 topics)

  • Installing z/VM
  • z/VM user directory
  • VMSES/E overview
  • Tailoring CP
  • Tailoring the CP system definition files
  • Dynamically defining devices
  • Defining devices to the hardware (IOCP, HCD, HCM)
  • z/VM saved segments
  • Setup the TCP/IP service machines for connection to the internet
  • Apply corrective service to your z/VM system using the Service Exec
  • Apply corrective service to your z/VM system using native VMSES/E commands
  • Understand the process of performing local modifications.


Understand basic data processing concepts Understand software concepts Describe and be able to use S/390 computer hardware and information.

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