Oracle Discoverer for Administrators

3 Day Course
Code ODM

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What is Oracle Discoverer (8 topics)

  • Overview
  • Discoverer Components
  • The Discoverer Administration Interface
  • The Data Page
  • The Hierarchies Page
  • The Item Classes Page
  • The Summaries Page
  • The Discoverer Workbook Window

Database Requirements for Using Discoverer (4 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Preparing for the use of Scheduled Workbooks
  • Requirements for Summary Management
  • Query Prediction

The End User Layer (4 topics)

  • Introduction - the Purpose of the End User Layer
  • Creating an EUL
  • Managing the EUL
  • Deleting an EUL

Business Area Management (5 topics)

  • Introduction - Business Areas and their Use
  • Building a New Business Area
  • Building a New Business Area with the Load Wizard
  • Applying security and privileges to a Business Area
  • Scheduling workbooks

Folder Management (9 topics)

  • Introduction - the Types of Folder
  • Creating a Simple Folder
  • Creating a Complex Folder
  • Creating a Custom Folder
  • Folder Properties
  • Editing the SQL of a Custom Folder
  • Sharing Folders across Business Areas
  • Folder Operations
  • Importing and Exporting using Discoverer Administrator

Management Items and Item Classes (5 topics)

  • Introduction - Items, Item Classes and their Use
  • Item Properties
  • Deleting an Item
  • Creating and Editing Item Classes
  • Using the Item Class Page to Manage Item Classes

Joins, Calculations, Conditions and Hierarchies (5 topics)

  • Introduction - the Use and Purpose of these Objects
  • Joins
  • Calculations
  • Conditions
  • Hierarchies

Summary Folders (6 topics)

  • Introduction - the Purpose of Summary Folders
  • What is a summary Folder?
  • Creating a Summary Folder
  • Editing and Repairing Summary folders
  • Summary Folder Properties
  • Automated Summary Management

EUL Status Workbooks (3 topics)

  • Introduction - What are EUL Status Workbooks?
  • Installing the EUL v5 Business Area
  • Workbook Content

Introduction to Application Server (10 topics)

  • Introduction to the Application Server
  • A Simple Application Server Environment to Support Discoverer
  • Oracle Application Server Installation Types
  • Managing an Application Server
  • The Enterprise Manager Website
  • The Application Server Farm Home Page
  • The Application Server Instance Home Page
  • The Components' Home Pages
  • Starting and Stopping Components and their Effects
  • Clues to Potential Web Problems

Discoverer Architecture (4 topics)

  • Introduction - Discoverer Architecture on the Web
  • The Discoverer Services
  • Accessing Discoverer Plus
  • Accessing Discoverer Viewer

Configuring Discoverer for the Web (9 topics)

  • Introduction - the Discoverer Configuration Page
  • Issues Concerning Running Discoverer Plus for the First Time
  • Managing Discoverer Services
  • Shutting Down the Discoverer System
  • Using Discoverer in a Multi-Machine Environment
  • Creating Public and Private Discoverer Connections
  • Discoverer and Oracle Single Sign-On
  • Configuring Single Sign-On to Protect Discoverer
  • Connecting to Discoverer with Single Sign-On

Influencing Discoverer Behaviour (5 topics)

  • Introduction - Discoverer Preferences and Oracle Web Cache
  • Maintaining Discoverer Preferences
  • Using Parameters in the Discoverer URLs
  • Discoverer and the Oracle Web Cache
  • Configuring Discoverer to use the Web Cache


Attendance on the Pre-Requisite courses or similar knowledge. Practical experience of Oracle Application Server Administration would be an advantage.

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