z/VM and Linux Connectivity and Management

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Perform TCP/IP tailoring of HiperSockets and guest Local Area Networks (LAN) in support of Linux guest systems. Explore the configuration of Multiple Protocol Routing (MPROUTE) to support dynamic routing in the z/VM TCP/IP environment, the installation and configuration of RealTime Monitor (RTM), the Performance Toolkit for VM, and Programmable Operator for the system management of the z/VM environment.

This course is suitable for Open system administrators and z/OS system programmers new to z/VM or ESA/VM responsible for the implementation and management of TCP/IP and the z/VM system in support of Linux guest systems.


  • Use the OBEYFILE command to reconfigure the TCP/IP environment
  • Define HiperSockets and guest LANs for TCP/IP
  • Discuss the benefits of dynamic routing versus static routing
  • Describe the purpose of the MPROUTE server in the TCP/IP environment
  • Configure TCP/IP in support of guest LANs for z/VM and Linux
  • Configure the MPROUTE server for z/VM
  • Implement the multiple TCP/IP stack environment on z/VM
  • Define and save the monitor Discontiguous Saved Segment (DCSS)
  • Collect Monitor data using the MONITOR and MONWRITE commands
  • Install and configure the mfpms
  • Configure the performance toolkit for VM
  • Define Programmable Operator facilities for z/VM to trap for messages and implement task based upon those messages
  • Use OBSERVER and CP SET commands to manage disconnected service machines.

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Advanced topics in z/VM 4.4.0 (1 topic)

  • Learn advanced topics in z/VM 4.4.0 in two major areas, connectivity and systems management. Discuss the implementation of advanced TCP/IP functions and reinforce them through extensive hands-on labs.

Connectivity (1 topic)

  • Discuss connectivity functions including HiperSockets, guest LANs, OBEYFILE, static and dynamic routing, MPROUTE server, Queued Direct Input/Output (QDIO) and Open System Adapter (OSA) connectivity options. Implement system management functions including, Programmable Operator, OBSERVER and CP SEND, XAUTOLOG/FORCE, Resource Managment Facility Linux performance gatherer (rmfpms), Performance Toolkit for VM, and MONWRITE

Monitor Commands (7 topics)

  • Performance management commands
  • rmfpms
  • Performance toolkit for VM - full screen operator console
  • Programmable operator operations
  • TCP/IP configuration of Guest LANs and HiperSockets
  • TCP/IP MPROUTE server
  • TCP/IP management.


Installing, Configuring and Servicing z/VM for Linux Guests (ZV06GB) Linux Implementation for zSeries and S/390 (ZL10GB) or Understand the basic TCP/IP configuration process Understand basic system programmer skills and tools Have equivalent experience.

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