Nortel Call Pilot Rls 5.5 Support Specialist Boot Camp

5 Day Course

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This course is a 5 day workshop which providing students with the knowledge and experience to complete the NCSS certification for Installation & maintenance. The majority of the course is spent working through practical exercises related to the Call Pilot environment.

The Bootcamp is specifically aimed at technicians who have experience of the Meridian 1 or CS1000 system and wish to augment this with Call Pilot Skills.

This bootcamp replaces the need to attend the following Nortel courses: 0329c

By the end of the training you will be able to :

  • Describe the Call Pilot System and its options
  • Install Call Pilot Hardware
  • Perform configuration on the host switch to support Call Pilot
  • Configure Call Pilot in accordance with differing scenarios
  • Perform Maintenance tasks on Call Pilot


Following this course will prepare you for the exam related to the NCSS Call Pilot Rls. 5.0 Installation & Maintenance

Call Pilot Rls. 5.0 Installation & Maintenance 920-182

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Nortel Call Pilot Rls 5.5 (8 topics)

  • System Overview Options and Architecture
  • Switch Preparation Configure the Host switch for Call Pilot Operation
  • Hardware Installation Install the Relevant Call Pilot Hardware
  • Software Configuration Configure both Server & Administration software
  • Client Software Implement Desktop Messaging
  • Backup Perform a system backup of Call Pilot
  • Maintenance Perform Basic Troubleshooting and Maintenance tasks on Call Pilot
  • Access Setup Remote Access to Call Pilot Server

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