Nortel CS1K Rls 5.5 Design Specialist Boot Camp

5 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Nortel Training Courses.


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Day 1-3 (6 topics)

  • System Overview Architecture of CS1000M & CS1000E
  • System Components Overview of Hardware devices
  • LAN Connectivity Network Connections required by system
  • Administration Management options for CS1000
  • IP Peer Networking Virtual Trunks H.323, SIP & NRS
  • Engineering Guide Capacity & component selection, SuperLoop useage

Day 4-5 (5 topics)

  • System Redundancy Campus , Geographic & Branch Office
  • CS1000S Upgrades To CS1000E Component Selection
  • CS1000E Upgrades Which components to Replace
  • MG1000T Upgrades To CS1000E or MG1000E with MGC
  • SA to HA Upgrades Upgrading form Standard Availability to High Availability


An understanding of Telecoms basics An understanding of IP networking basic 0200 Meridian 1 & CS1000 Rls 5.5 Familiarisation