Oracle Forms - Part II

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This course is designed to enhance the skills of programmers and software developers who are already familiar with the basics of Oracle Forms. The course is suitable for delegates intending to sit the Oracle Certified Professional Build Internet Applications II exam. By the end of this course, the delegate will be able to:- Program Key Triggers to enhance standard Forms functionality, Cause Forms to respond to mouse events, Generate timers, Manipulate record groups, Create Master/Detail relationships explicitly, Handle query processing, Control transaction processing, Handle multiple canvas and window applications, Write multi-form applications, Generate customised menus.

The delegates will practise:

  • Implementing mouse and key triggers
  • Creating and using timers
  • Generating and manipulating runtime record groups
  • Controlling Data Block relationships explicitly
  • Building multiple-form applications
  • Generating custom menus
  • Defining Data Blocks based on objects, queries and procedures
  • Using Database Server features within a form
  • Reusing standard components and Java Beans

Together with the Oracle Forms - Part I course, the content of the Oracle Forms - Part II course is suitable for delegates intending to sit the Oracle PL/SQL Developer OCA examination #1Z0-141: Oracle Forms: Build Internet Applications.

Exams are not included as part of the course.

Before taking any exam, ensure you have the recommended experience.  The Oracle website lists all exam requirements and these are updated regularly.

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An Introduction (3 topics)

  • Notes on Course Content
  • Preparation
  • Exercise: Creating Basic Oracle Forms Applications

Mouse and Key Triggers (4 topics)

  • Mouse Triggers
  • Cursor Styles
  • Key Triggers
  • Exercise: Implementing Mouse and Key Triggers

Timers (4 topics)

  • Use of Timers
  • Creating and Handling Timers
  • Timer Triggers and Built-ins
  • Exercise: Creating a Clock Timer

Record Groups (6 topics)

  • LOVs and Record Groups
  • Record Group Types
  • Creating Run-time Record Groups
  • Built-in Procedures and Functions
  • Record Groups and Lists
  • Exercise: Using Run-time Record Groups

Data Block Relationships (5 topics)

  • Relation Object Properties
  • Creating Relationships Manually
  • Procedures and Triggers for Coordination
  • Modifying Default Functionality
  • Exercise: Creating and Modifying a Relation Object

Multi-Form Applications (8 topics)

  • Calling Other Forms
  • The OPEN_FORM Procedure
  • The CALL_FORM Procedure
  • The NEW_FORM Procedure
  • Related Built-ins
  • Passing Data between Forms
  • Creating Parameters and Parameter Lists
  • Exercise: Calling Oracle Forms and Passing Parameters

Creating Custom Menus (9 topics)

  • Menu Modules, SubMenus and Menu Items
  • The Menu Editor
  • Menu and Menu Item Properties
  • PL/SQL in Menu Modules
  • Menu Item Built-ins
  • Menu Security
  • Menu Parameters
  • Popup Menus
  • Exercise: Generating a Custom Menu

Handling Database Objects (5 topics)

  • Object Support and Object Types
  • Object Tables
  • Column Objects
  • Handling REF Columns
  • Exercise: Handling Objects with an Oracle Form

Using Other Data Sources (7 topics)

  • Data Source Types
  • Using a FROM Clause Query
  • Using Procedures which return REF Cursors
  • Using Procedures which return PL/SQL Index-By Tables
  • Implementing DML using Packaged Procedures
  • Exercise: Defining and using FROM Clause Query
  • Exercise: Defining and using a Packaged Procedure

Using Oracle Database Features (6 topics)

  • Database Functionality
  • Handling PL/SQL Code
  • Handling Database Server Errors
  • Using the FORMS_DDL Package
  • DDL Functionality
  • Exercise: Using the FORMS_DDL Package

Reusable Components (7 topics)

  • Reusable Component Definition
  • Oracle-Supplied Components
  • Using Oracle's Calendar Class Component
  • Notes on Active X Controls
  • JavaBeans and PJCs
  • Exercise: Implementing the Calendar Component
  • Exercise: Implementing Pluggable Java Components

Including Charts and Reports (6 topics)

  • Including Charts
  • Oracle Reports Overview
  • Running an Oracle Report
  • Integrating Oracle Reports with Oracle Forms
  • Viewing an Oracle Report
  • Exercise: Interfacing with an Oracle Report


Attendance on the Pre-Requisite course (Forms - Part I) or similar knowledge.

Additional Learning

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