Management and Leadership Skills for New Managers

4 Day Course
Code GK2820

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Management Skills Training Courses.


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Roles and Responsibilities of a New Manager (3 topics)

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The three functions of management
  • Avoiding micromanagement

Leadership (3 topics)

  • How to lead a team using traditional models of leadership
  • The difference between leadership and management
  • Use four different leadership styles depending on individual skills and abilities

Interpersonal Communications Skills (4 topics)

  • The communications model
  • How team communication breaks down
  • The role of the manager when it comes to listening and communication
  • Effective interpersonal communication

Effective Listening (3 topics)

  • Learn a listening skills toolbox of six skills
  • When should you actively listen?
  • The benefits of listening with understanding

Performance Management (4 topics)

  • How to give effective feedback
  • Negotiating coaching plans with each employee
  • Principles of performance appraisals
  • Steps in progressive discipline

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (2 topics)

  • The 16 different types and what that means to your team
  • Personality types and conflict

Dealing with Conflict (4 topics)

  • Positive and negative conflict
  • Understanding conflict
  • Controlled, expressed, and irrational anger
  • A three-step model for dealing with conflict on the team

The Six Most Difficult Types of People and How to Deal with Them

Creating and Managing Effective Teams (7 topics)

  • Definition of an effective team
  • Advantages and disadvantages of working in teams
  • Effective and ineffective teams
  • Team rules, roles, and behaviors
  • The six characteristics of effective teams
  • What to do with a dysfunctional team
  • Phases of team development

Motivation (4 topics)

  • Traditional motivation models
  • Motivating your under-performers
  • How to create a motivating team environment
  • Find the right reward for each team member

Delegation (2 topics)

  • Delegate menial tasks so they get done
  • Delegate more difficult jobs to ensure they are done right the first time

Time Management and Priority Setting (4 topics)

  • Setting effective priorities with your team
  • Dealing with e-mail, interruptions, and meetings
  • Negotiating priorities with your boss
  • Learning to negotiate 'no'

Stress Management

Hands-on Case Study Exercises (1 topic)

  • This course is written around an evolving and challenging case study. The previous team leader has left the project in a mess. Your job is to fix it, while creating a unified, motivated team. On day one, you'll take over the project with your eight remote team members. There will be language, culture, and time barriers. You will face conflict, poor performance, miscommunication, unclear priorities, and stress. You will apply the skills learned in the class to overcome the problems and meet the project deadline.

Case Studies (58 topics)

  • Case Study 1: Roles and Responsibilities of a New Manager
  • Exercise: Management Skills Self-Assessment
  • Case Study 2: Leadership
  • Exercise 1: Leadership Orientation
  • Exercise 2: Leadership Effectiveness
  • Exercise 3: Preparing a Status Report
  • Exercise 4: Leadership
  • Case Study 3: Management Situations
  • Case Study 4: Interpersonal Gap
  • Exercise 1: Interpersonal Gap Exercise and What That Means to the Team
  • Exercise 2: Your Own Gap
  • Exercise 3: Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Case Study 5: Effective Listening
  • Exercise: Active Listening Quiz
  • Case Study 6: Performance Management
  • Exercise 1: Performance Management Feedback with a Poor Performer
  • Exercise 2: Performance Management Feedback with a Top Performer
  • Exercise 3: Coaching #1: Developing an Employee Who Wants More Responsibility
  • Exercise 4: Coaching #2: Dealing with a Difficult Employee Who Is a Problem
  • Exercise 5: Performance Reviews and How to Prepare and Present Them
  • Case Study 7: Motivation
  • Exercise 1: Motivational Self-Assessment
  • Exercise 2: Motivation
  • Case Study 8: Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
  • Exercise: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Case Study 9: Creating and Managing Effective Teams
  • Exercise 1: Managing Teams
  • Exercise 2: Wilderness Survival Case Study
  • Exercise 3: Integrity Team Breakdown
  • Case Study 10: Dealing with Conflict
  • Exercise: Conflict Management
  • Case Study 11: Dealing with Difficult People
  • Exercise: Difficult People
  • Case Study 12: Time Management and Priority Setting
  • Exercise 1: Time Temperaments
  • Exercise 1 (cont.): Scoring Analysis to Time Temperaments
  • Exercise 2: Managing Time Wasters
  • Exercise 3: Time Management In-Basket
  • Exercise 4: Time Management Chart
  • Case Study 13: Delegation
  • Exercise 1: Delegation Case Study
  • Exercise 2: Do You Need to Delegate More?
  • Case Study 14: Review
  • Exercise 1: Back to Work Action Plans

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