Earned Value Management

3 Day Course
Code GK2845

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Project Management Skills Training Courses.


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Introduction to Earned Value Management (7 topics)

  • The need for EVM
  • The role of EVM: Monitoring projects
  • Characteristics of EVM
  • Milestones
  • EVM terminology
  • Management by exception
  • The value of earned value

History of EVM (3 topics)

  • A hundred years of evolution
  • Cost control for government
  • Back to basic earned value principles

Ingredients necessary for EVM (5 topics)

  • EVM planning overview
  • Management questions answered by EVM
  • EVM stages
  • Precision and rigor
  • Three-dimensional view of a project

Defining scope (3 topics)

  • Defining the work to be done
  • Work breakdown structure
  • WBS principles

Scheduling the project (2 topics)

  • Scope and then schedule
  • EVM scheduling requirements

grating scope, schedule, and costs through CAPs (3 topics)

  • Control account plans
  • The role of CAPs
  • CAP ingredients

Establishing an EV measurement baseline (6 topics)

  • EV measurement baseline
  • Questions answered by the baseline
  • Planning and measuring earned value
  • Establishing an EV measurement system
  • PMB components
  • Managing change

Monitoring performance against baseline (6 topics)

  • Monitoring starts at the task level
  • Trend indicator
  • Management by exception
  • Cost performance index
  • Schedule performance index
  • Cumulative vs. periodic data

Forecasting final cost and schedule results (3 topics)

  • Management with the headlights on
  • Factors determining project results
  • Statistical forecasts

EVM criteria review (2 topics)

  • EVM overview
  • Implementing EVM


Introduction to Project Management(course 2868), IT Project Management (course 2819), or Applied Project Management Boot Camp (course 2807)

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