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Adobe InCopy allows journalists, sub editors, editors and designers to communicate effectively when writing, flowing and amending text in Adobe InDesign documents.

This course explores InCopy's tight integration with InDesign and covers how to style, edit, flow and update linked text. This course will allow you to work effectively within a collaborative editorial workflow.

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Introduction (3 topics)

  • Customising Galley and Story appearance
  • Working with InCopy and InDesign simultaneously
  • Understanding Live Edit workflow

Editing and formatting text (6 topics)

  • Creating, opening, placing and importing documents
  • Creating and sharing paragraph and character styles
  • Understanding dynamic spelling
  • Using special and hidden characters
  • Working with linked text
  • Managing dictionaries

Editing and reviewing copy (3 topics)

  • Hiding, accepting and rejecting changes
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Using the Notes and Change Info palettes

Tracking text edits (9 topics)

  • Specifying the user destination
  • Working with track changes
  • Hiding and showing changes
  • Responding to changes
  • Working with Notes
  • Working with embedded metadata
  • Working with images
  • Working with tables
  • Creating and editing footnotes

Understanding the InCopy workflow (7 topics)

  • LiveEdit workflow plug-ins
  • Exporting InCopy stories from InDesign
  • Improving efficiency with assignments
  • Using Check In and Check Out
  • Calculating Copyfit
  • Unlinking InCopy stories
  • Archiving publications

Workflow scenarios (3 topics)

  • Design-first workflow
  • Content workflow
  • Parallel workflow

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