InDesign CS3 for Typography

1 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT064

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 version.


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Introduction (3 topics)

  • You already know more than you think about type
  • Case study: newspaper mastheads
  • What do typefaces say?

The character of type (3 topics)

  • Different type personalities
  • Classy, serious, fresh, authoritative or fun typefaces
  • Examples of type that really works

Serif and sans serif (3 topics)

  • The origins of the serif
  • Classic serif typefaces
  • Classic sans-serif typefaces

Measuring type (6 topics)

  • Traditional conventions; points, picas and ciceros
  • Leading and kerning
  • Ways of controlling the vertical space between text
  • Ways of controlling the horizontal space between characters
  • Troublesome kerning pairs
  • Optical kerning in InDesign

Legibility issues (5 topics)

  • What the Swiss school can teach us
  • Choosing a typeface
  • Typefaces that work well together
  • Using white space effectively
  • Font families

Typographic elements (3 topics)

  • Using rules, dingbats, symbols and glyphs
  • Ligatures and hanging indents
  • Examples of great typography

Type and colour (3 topics)

  • Using contrast
  • Type for on-screen display
  • Colour theory

Font issues (6 topics)

  • Font problems
  • Font conversion
  • Buying fonts
  • Free fonts
  • Trouble-free printing
  • Embedding fonts

Building a consistent, appropriate style (1 topic)

  • Creating a coherent style

The 10 commandments of type

Questions and answers

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