ICC Colour Management

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Good colour management improves the accuracy, predictability and consistency of colour reproduction from scanning through to print by using ICC colour profiles.

This one day course explains the concepts and principles of colour management which enable you to improve colour quality, reduce colour production timescales and benefit from real and measurable cost savings.

This course is for anyone who works with digital images from creatives through to repro and print professionals who needs to understand how to create, implement and get the most out of ICC profiles.

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Introduction (4 topics)

  • What is ICC colour management?
  • Benefits of colour management
  • Features of colour management
  • What is an ICC colour profile?

Colour theory (7 topics)

  • Understanding the additive colour model � what it is and when it is used
  • Understanding the subtractive colour model � what it is and when it is used
  • An Introduction to LAB colour
  • RGB vs CMYK vs LAB
  • Understanding colour space
  • Understanding colour Gamut
  • What is device dependent colour?

Monitor Calibration (2 topics)

  • How to calibrate a monitor
  • Factors to take into consideration when calibrating a monitor

Profile Creation (5 topics)

  • Monitor profiling
  • Scanner and digital camera profiling
  • Printer and proofer profiling
  • What are colour targets?
  • How to use a colour target

ICC colour management (7 topics)

  • Implementing an ICC workflow
  • When to separate to CMYK
  • Understanding the Adobe Creative Suite colour settings
  • Embedding and applying ICC profiles
  • Soft proofing
  • Making print-ready PDFs
  • Tips for successful colour management

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