How to Write Effectively

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This course is designed to help you deliver a message clearly, concisely and effectively - whatever the format.

The course offers practical lessons and valuable guidance on how to write forms, reports, leaflets, online messages, direct marketing, contracts, sales letters and email. You will hone your writing skills allowing you to convey the maximum information in the minimum space. The course will also encourage you to develop your own individual style of writing.

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Content (2 topics)

  • How clear writing leads to effective communication
  • Practical examples of effective writing

Who you are writing for? (2 topics)

  • Gauging your audience and adjusting your writing style
  • Developing a house style

Writing for clients (2 topics)

  • Getting a clear brief on the message your client needs to get across and what the desired response is
  • Case study analysis

Getting grammar, punctuation and spelling right (3 topics)

  • Common errors and how to avoid them
  • The problems with using your computer's spelling and grammar checkers
  • The importance of consistency

Sentence length and structure (4 topics)

  • Exercises on sentence structure
  • How to use quotes effectively
  • The active tense, and when to use the passive
  • Getting to the point

Building a message (2 topics)

  • Planning what you wish to write
  • Structuring a news story, feature or review

Editing and proofing (4 topics)

  • How to edit your own writing
  • Tightening copy, making every word count
  • Verb and subject agreement
  • Proofreading your work

Practical exercises (4 topics)

  • Writing and critiquing an article
  • Developing your own voice on the page
  • You are welcome to bring examples of your own work to this course if you wish.

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