Final Cut Pro 7: Advanced

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This Apple authorised three day advanced course is for those who already have a working knowledge of Apple's professional video editing application and has been designed to deliver hard-to-find advanced editing and finishing techniques.

The course covers how to create polished transitions, fix screen direction errors and edit multi-camera projects. You will build nested sequences, design fantastic effects, use filters creatively, composite and colour-correct video.

This course also covers SoundTrack Pro, managing clips and media and working with film. If you want to create a tailored course adapted to your specific requirements, please give us a call.

This course is an important step towards becoming an Apple Certified Pro, Level 2 in Final Cut Pro. 

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Getting started (1 topic)

  • The Apple Pro Certification program

Timing tools (4 topics)

  • Loading clips
  • Using Match Frame
  • Using Replace Edit
  • Using Gang Sync

Working with trimming tools (4 topics)

  • Numeric trimming
  • Split ends
  • Trim Edit window
  • Trimming under transitions

Multicamera editing (3 topics)

  • Editing multicamera footage
  • Working with multiple angles
  • Applying effects to multiclips

Sound editing (3 topics)

  • Normalising tracks
  • Noise reduction
  • Compression issues

Sound mixing (4 topics)

  • Using the FCP Meter
  • Setting proper levels and dynamic range
  • Performing real-time mixing
  • Mixing in Soundtrack Pro

Compositing (5 topics)

  • Creating a multi-layered show open
  • Experimenting with composite modes
  • Adding graphics
  • Using generators
  • Creating a travel matte

Mastering video filters (4 topics)

  • Applying and modifying filters
  • Modifying filter effects
  • Managing filters
  • Using specific filter categories

Dynamic effects (5 topics)

  • Keyframing basics
  • Keyframing in the Canvass
  • Keyframing in the Viewer
  • Keyframing in the Timeline
  • Creating favourite motion effects

Nesting sequences (7 topics)

  • Understanding nested sequences
  • Using basic nesting
  • Applying effects to multiple clips
  • Applying complex geometrics
  • Changing render order
  • Reordering motion effects
  • Nesting as an editing tool

Variable speed (3 topics)

  • Using basic slow motion
  • Understanding variable speed effects
  • Using the Motion Viewer

Correcting contrast (3 topics)

  • Controlling contrast using the Colour Corrector 3-Way filter
  • Setting moods
  • Creating artifically high contrast

Controlling colour (5 topics)

  • Understanding colour balance
  • Using primary colour correction
  • Understanding the colour balance controls
  • Identifying and correcting colour casts
  • Manipulating colour directly in the blacks, mids and whites

Colour correcting for scene continuity (4 topics)

  • Achieving visual harmony
  • Comparing two clips
  • Setting up for scene-by-scene colour correction
  • Colour correcting a complex scene

Clip management (5 topics)

  • Managing the database
  • Working with timecode
  • Merging clips
  • Working with 16:9 and 24p
  • Master clip relationships

Managing media (6 topics)

  • Mixing formats
  • Locating media files
  • Using the Media Manager
  • Deleting unused media
  • Offline/online workflows
  • Working with Motion projects

Importing and exporting (2 topics)

  • Exporting for the web and DVD
  • Exporting audio

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What Our Customers Say

The instructors knowledge is fantastically broad and deep!”

Vice President, ABS-CBN

An excellent course, one of the best I have attended for IP training, covering a very wide range of topics.”

MCR Manager, Sky TV New Zealand

Good course, well presented. Good content and mix of theory and practical alike.”

Software Engineer, Commscope

Very good overview of technologies new and old.”

Broadcast Engineer, Formula 1

Very good background to help our development away from Broadcast TV.”

Account Manager, Thomson

Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Good level of detail and industry examples of the technology and its usage. Trainer extremely knowledgeable with a great deal of experience in the field.”

Software Manager, Panasonic

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