Creative Writing in a Commercial World

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Many of us enjoy the creative possibilities of writing. All too often however the writing we have to do in our work - from memos to marketing material, corporate newsletters, sales information or web copy - can seem dull, lifeless and far from creative.

This course offers practical exercises, advice from industry experts and tips and techniques to develop confidence in your powers of self-expression and harness that creativity in your line of work. Bring along some examples of your own work - and a sense of fun...

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Self-expression (4 topics)

  • A series of exercises to awaken your writing potential
  • Examples of effective creative writing
  • How you can reflect your personality - and the personality of your organisation - through words
  • Finding the words that suit the personality you wish to project

Generating ideas (1 topic)

  • Brainstorming techniques

Restriction means freedom (1 topic)

  • Why working within tight limitations can widen your horizons

Keeping it short and sweet (3 topics)

  • The art of cutting words to expand your message
  • How to spot unnecessary words, sub-clauses and sentences
  • How to tighten a message so that every word really counts

Coping with deadlines (1 topic)

  • How to be creative against the clock

Overcoming writer (1 topic)

  • Techniques for breaking the log jam when ideas and words don't come easily

Seeking attention (1 topic)

  • Headlines and intros to grab your readers' attention

You talkin (2 topics)

  • Well are you? Writing for an audience
  • Knowing who your audience is and how to tailor your message in ways which mean you connect directly with them

Formats and structures (3 topics)

  • Order your words to maximise their effect
  • The lessons of journalism and the structures news and features writers use
  • How to pick a structure that suits your message - and your audience

Practical exercises

Questions and answers

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