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This one day course has been designed for those who have used a digital video camera but who need to understand and master professional camera techniques.

The course covers the techniques that will give your work a professional look, how to frame a subject, avoiding common mistakes, effective use of lighting and sound and how to shoot a professional quality interview.

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Getting to know the camera (5 topics)

  • Using Autofocus
  • Zooming controls
  • Auto Exposure
  • Correct use of timecodes

Using the manual camera settings (8 topics)

  • Turning off-auto exposure
  • f-stops and aperture settings
  • Depth of field and when to use it
  • Shutter speed and its effects
  • Camera gain and how to avoid it
  • Balancing shutter speed, aperture and available light
  • Exposing a difficult subject
  • Using exposure lock to achieve a correct exposure

Framing a subject (4 topics)

  • Using the rule of thirds to frame your subject
  • Looking for diagonals to enhance your framing
  • Wide, medium and close-ups
  • Examples of good / bad framing

Simple camera moves (5 topics)

  • The importance of a good tripod
  • Pans, tilts and zooms
  • How to use moves effectively
  • Holding a shot

Lighting (5 topics)

  • Using a simple key-light
  • Using a reflector as a fill
  • Three point lighting
  • Ensuring correct colour balance
  • Using natural lighting

Working with sound (5 topics)

  • Using close mics for effective sound
  • Using directional mics
  • Using personal mics
  • Setting sound correctly

Shooting an interview (7 topics)

  • Framing basics
  • The concept of �the line'
  • Lighting the interview
  • Sound levels
  • Looking or not looking at the camera
  • Shooting reverses, noddies, 2-shots and piece to camera
  • How to shoot for easier editing

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