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Adobe Audition is a professional audio editing package, rich in features and highly flexible. This one day practical course introduces you to the essentials of importing, editing and mixing audio files. You'll cover editing and mixing voice and music clips and develop techniques for organising your work to keep track of your projects.

Whether you're a radio reporter, sound designer, musician or web designer this introduction is ideal for anyone who needs a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Audition.

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Introduction (5 topics)

  • The basics of digital editing
  • Work areas
  • Menus and toolbars
  • Display windows

Importing audio (2 topics)

  • Settings and record levels
  • Saving clips in the correct format

Editing (6 topics)

  • The Edit view - stereo and mono
  • Zooming in and out: scrolling
  • Selecting, deleting and undoing
  • Using audible scrubbing to find the audio you want to edit
  • Using Spectral Pan and Phase display modes to analyse your audio
  • Using Spectral Frequency

Display tools (5 topics)

  • Zero crossing points
  • Altering levels and normalising
  • Saving selections
  • Adding and deleting the sound of silence
  • Making and saving cues

Mixing (9 topics)

  • The Multitrack View
  • Low latency mixing
  • Inserting audio
  • Levels and tracks
  • Volume, edit and pan envelopes
  • Using nodes
  • Moving and editing within the Multitrack View
  • Mixing down
  • Tidying up

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