JavaScripting: Introduction

2 Day Course
Hands On

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This Hands-On course provides an intensive introduction to the features provided by JavaScript and Dynamic HTML. It is aimed at web and IT professionals who are completely new to JavaScript and who need to gain hands-on experience of developing commercial JavaScript systems.


What you will learn

  • Understand the JavaScript language.
  • Understand the Document Object Model and how it is used in JavaScript.
  • How to detect and respond to user actions
  • Alter, show, hide and move objects on a web page
  • Check information inputted into a form
  • How to use CSS (Cascading Stylesheets)
  • How to make JavaScript cross-browser compatible.

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History (4 topics)

  • From LiveScript to JavaScript
  • Java vs JavaScript
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Other programming languages

What does JavaScript do? (5 topics)

  • Rollovers
  • Form Validation
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Change CSS
  • Working with HTML5

Understanding JavaScript (7 topics)

  • Server-side vs. Client Side
  • Basics of OOP
  • JavaScript Behaviour
  • Dot Syntax
  • Understanding Properties & Methods
  • Document Object Model
  • Unobtrusive Scripting

The Language (5 topics)

  • Event Handlers
  • Values & Variables
  • Assignments
  • Operators
  • Comparisons

JavaScript Fundamentals (11 topics)

  • Writing text
  • Working with functions
  • Internal, Head & External JS
  • Commenting in JS
  • Alert Windows
  • Confirming user choice
  • If/else statements
  • Prompting the User
  • Redirects through a link
  • JavaScript enhanced links
  • Working with Referrer pages

Building a Web App (10 topics)

  • Designing a Bingo Card
  • Looping & Do/While Loops
  • Passing values to functions
  • Object Detection
  • Working with Arrays
  • Updating Arrays
  • Using the random() method
  • Working with functions that return values
  • Multi-level Conditionals
  • Error-Handling

Working with Images (4 topics)

  • Creating a Rollover
  • Creating more effective rollovers
  • Understanding the DOM
  • Building Objects in OOP

Form Handling (4 topics)

  • Select & Go Navigation
  • Accessibility & JavaScript
  • Changing Menus Dynamically
  • Making fields required

Making your pages dynamic (3 topics)

  • Placing the current date
  • Working with a dynamic timer
  • Updating the seconds dynamically


Knowledge of a mark-up language such as HTML would be advantageous.

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