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This two day course is designed for those who wish to expand their existing XML skills and utilise the full potential of XML and XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformation). In this course you will explore XSLT and build and maintain a site using XML and XSLT.

XML is a meta-language for describing markup languages. XSLT is designed to transform your XML documents into any data format you require such as HTML, text files, PDF's, etc. The capacity of XSLT to transform XML into HTML has been the main catalyst for the rapid gain in popularity of XSLT over recent years.

This is a practical and comprehensive introduction to XML schema and XSLT and includes an analysis of the emerging technologies of SOAP.

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An overview of XML (4 topics)

  • Well formed documents
  • Valid documents
  • Document modelling
  • DTD and XML Schemas

XML Schema (8 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Simple and complex types
  • Local and global declarations
  • Simple schema's location
  • Annotating schemas
  • Datatypes
  • Built-in datatypes
  • Namespaces

Defining simple types (7 topics)

  • Date and time types
  • Number types
  • Deriving custom simple types
  • Anonymous custom types
  • Acceptable values
  • Creating list types
  • Predefining an element's content

Custom datatypes (8 topics)

  • Constraining facets
  • Maxinclusion
  • Miniinclusion
  • Fractiondigits
  • Totaldigits
  • Enumeration
  • Minlength
  • Maxlength

More custom datatypes (3 topics)

  • List datatypes
  • Union datatypes
  • Simple content

Complex datatypes (3 topics)

  • Creating a set of choices
  • Ordering elements
  • Defining named groups

Regular expressions (1 topic)

  • Patterns

Introduction to XSL (5 topics)

  • XSL, XSLT and XSL_FO
  • XSLT processes
  • Parsing a style sheet
  • Transformation
  • Namespace

Stylesheet structure (4 topics)

  • Stylesheet element
  • Output element
  • Built-in template rules
  • Xpath

Designing simple style sheets (6 topics)

  • Outputting HTML from XML
  • Outputting text from XML
  • Selecting attributes
  • Selecting text
  • Selecting comments
  • Predicates

Conditionals (4 topics)

  • Filtering results
  • Choose and When template rules
  • For each
  • Variables

Xpath functions (4 topics)

  • Count
  • Position
  • Contains
  • Substring

Transformation on the Client and Server (3 topics)

  • ASP and XML
  • PHP and XML
  • XML editors

Emerging technologies (2 topics)

  • SOAP
  • Ajax

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