Managing Successful Programmes MSP(TM) - Advanced Practitioner Course

2 Day Course
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This course is designed for delegates who have already passed the MSP™ 2007 Foundation and Practitioner Examinations, and it provides a workshop environment for preparing for the MSP™ 2007 Advanced Practitioner Examination, taken on the afternoon of the second day.

The structure of the course is intended to build on delegate’s existing MSP Practitioner knowledge and experience as well as on their pre-course work. The course will cover all aspects of the MSP Advanced Practitioner syllabus, and will include:

  • Workshops and exercises which are intended to give delegates practical experience of applying MSP using the complex case study.
  • Sample questions, to develop deeper understanding of MSP, the MSPCare case study, and prepare for the Advanced Practitioner exam.

Target Audience

Who Should Attend:

This course is aimed at anyone in, or aspiring to, a senior role within a programme. This includes Programme Managers and Senior Responsible Owners (Programme Directors), and other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of programmes, including Business Change Managers and Programme Office Managers. Anyone who already has a good understanding of the principles and theory of the MSP™ manual, supported by practical application within a programme environment, will benefit from this course.

Additional Information

Examination details:

The exam consists of up to three compulsory questions on different units from the syllabus to be answered within a time limit of 2½ hours, which includes reading time. The examination will be based on the complex (MSPCare) scenario in the pre-course materials and which is used during the training course. Additional material in the form of reports, documents, formats, statements, etc. may also be provided for analysis as part of an examination question. The examination is ‘open book’. The pass mark 50%.


Course Topics (8 topics)

  • Drivers for Change
  • Programme Brief
  • Risks and Issues
  • Blueprint Design
  • Programme Organisation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Programme Planning
  • Programme Change


Delegates will be provided with a set of pre-course materials which includes a complex case study (MSPCare) for the Advanced Practitioner Exam. Materials will include exercises and questions which will deepen the delegate’s knowledge of MSP and allow the delegate to use their MSP knowledge to explore the case study by drawing on their own experience. The outputs from these exercises will be used in the classroom event. Delegates will be expected to have completed at least 10 hours pre-course work for this event.

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