ATM: In depth Overview

3 Day Course
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Just what is ATM and why is it such a good idea? (5 topics)

  • The main characteristics of ATM technology
  • What does an ATM network look like?
  • The advantages of the ATM approach
  • How does ATM achieve it's seemingly impossible goals
  • Comparing ATM with competing technologies

ATM Connections (5 topics)

  • Multiplexing connections together virtual channels and virtual paths
  • Permanent and on-demand connections
  • Soft/smart PVCs
  • What types of connection are available where?
  • ATM connection characteristics

The ATM Layer (6 topics)

  • Defining the UNI and NNI
  • The ATM Cell header format at the UNI and NNI
  • Cell rate decoupling
  • The need for ATM management cells
  • ATM layer management functions
  • When are these functions used?

ATM System Architectures (7 topics)

  • ATM as backbone carrier technology for other services
  • The need for ATM adaptation
  • Voice and telephony over ATM - trunking desktop and mobile
  • Circuit emulation and TDM services over ATM
  • Video-conferencing over ATM
  • Video distribution over ATM
  • Data over ATM

An Overview of SDH as it relates to ATM (9 topics)

  • SDH and SONET comparison and data rates
  • G.704 Framing
  • Relating SDH and PDH
  • SDH paths and virtual containers
  • SDH multiplexing
  • Concatenated containers
  • Tributary mapping into virtual containers
  • Alarm indication
  • Tandem connections

ATM Physical Layers (6 topics)

  • Cell delineation
  • SDH 155.52Mpbs physical layer
  • SDH 622Mbps physical Layer
  • The T3/E3 45/34Mpbs physical layer
  • 25.6 Mbps UTP physical layer and its derivatives
  • The UTOPIA interface. Level 1 and level 2

ATM Standards (5 topics)

  • Who is in charge of ATM standardization?
  • Who are the main players?
  • What is the role of the ATM Forum?
  • What standards are available now and what's coming along soon
  • An ATM standards time line

Traffic Management and Quality of Service (17 topics)

  • What is Quality of Service (QoS) and why is it ATM's biggest advantage
  • ATM service categories revisited (CBR/VBR/UBR/ABR)
  • Sizing ATM networks
  • The essential principles of traffic management
  • The differences between traffic policing and traffic shaping
  • Traffic contracts compliance and conformance
  • The Generic Cell Rate Algorithm
  • Switch algorithms for traffic management
  • Blocking and non-blocking switches
  • ABR flow control procedures
  • Example algorithms for ABR
  • What applications will use ABR
  • What QoS is available now?
  • Differences between the QoS available on PVCs and SVCs
  • What does QoS bring to a network today?
  • Planning for QoS in an ATM network
  • Quality of service features in products


This course assumes that delegates have a solid grasp of data communications basics. This course is aimed at those from both technical and non technical backgrounds who require an in depth overview of ATM technology, its place in today's infrastructure and its applications.

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