Sun StorageTek VTL Plus Administration and Configuration

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Sun Microsystems Curriculum
Code NWS-3503

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VTL Plus Overview (9 topics)

  • VTL Specifications
  • VTL Architecture
  • VTL Model Numbers
  • List VTL hardware components
  • List VTL software components
  • Role of the Server
  • Role of the Disk Array
  • Virtual Components
  • Version Summary

VTL Initial Configuration (8 topics)

  • Connecting to the VTL Server
  • Launching the VTL Console
  • Understanding Objects in the Tree
  • Initial Configuration Wizard
  • Creating Virtual Resources
  • Export/Import Functionality
  • Zoning Requirements
  • Save the VTL Configuration

VTL Advanced Configuration (3 topics)

  • Configure and Implement VTL Automated Tape Caching
  • Configure and Implement VTL Replication
  • Configure and Implement VTL with ACSLS

VTL Failover (2 topics)

  • Zoning Requirements for VTL Failover
  • Configure and Implement VTL Failover

VTL Opeations and Troubleshooting (4 topics)

  • VTL Operation commands
  • VTL Module Processes
  • VTL Command Line Interface
  • Directory Structure Capturing an X-Ray


Delegates should have knowledge of: - Storage Area Networks - Disk Storage - Tape Storage - Networking

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