Systems Management using Sun Management Center 3.6

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The Systems Management Using Sun Management Center 3.6 course describes features of the Sun Management Center (Sun MC) 3.6, which is a follow-on release to the Sun MC 3.5.1 software. This course uses the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) for installation, deployment of Sun MC software agents using JumpStart software, installation of agents and patches on multiple machines, network and security improvements, and other features available within the base Sun MC software product.

This training is intended to provide support engineers, customers, and resellers with the information needed to support the Sun Management Center 3.6 software.

Course Objectives

On completing this course, you will be able to:

- Describe the features available in Sun MC 3.6 software
- Describe the Sun MC software architecture
- Install and set up the Sun MC 3.6 software
- Manage administrative domains
- Monitor Sun MC software agent hosts
- Discuss the Sun MC software modules
- Describe security in the Sun MC software
- Back up and restore the Sun MC software database
- Use the Job Manager
- Use the Sun MC software Web Console

Who Should Attend

Students who can benefit from this course include system and network administrators who are responsible for the uptime and performance of an enterprise environment.

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Introducing the Sun Management Center Software (4 topics)

  • Describe the Sun MC software
  • Describe Sun MC software environments
  • Identify Sun MC software concepts
  • Identify Sun MC 3.6 software features

Investigating the Software Architecture (4 topics)

  • Describe the Sun MC 3.6 three-layer model
  • Describe the Sun MC software console layer
  • Describe the Sun MC software server layer
  • Describe the Sun MC software agent layer

Installing and Setting Up the Software (7 topics)

  • Enumerate the minimum system requirements
  • List the Sun MC software packages
  • Define pre-installation considerations
  • Install and set up the software
  • Configure the server and agents on a machine with multiple interfaces
  • Install the Sun MC software console in the Microsoft Windows environment
  • Install Sun MC software using the es-inst and es-setup commands

Examining Configuration and Log Files (12 topics)

  • Use Sun MC software online help
  • Describe Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Enable NAT support
  • Identify the software directory structure
  • Use Sun MC software system files
  • Define Sun MC users and groups
  • Uninstall Sun MC software
  • Validate a Sun MC installation
  • Use Sun MC software configuration files
  • Install and configure log files
  • Use Sun MC software log files
  • Monitor log file messages

Examining Security (4 topics)

  • Describe the security layer
  • Use access control lists (ACLs)
  • Describe default privileges
  • Describe firewalls

Managing Domains (3 topics)

  • Manage administrative domains
  • Populate administrative domains
  • Create administrative domains

Monitoring Hosts (3 topics)

  • Describe the hierarchy, topology, and content views
  • Examine the Details window
  • Examine the Attribute Editor

Examining the Software Modules (6 topics)

  • Use the software modules
  • List the software modules by category
  • Describe default modules
  • Describe optional modules
  • Load and enable software modules
  • Manage software modules

Backups and Recovery of the Sun MC Database (5 topics)

  • Back up and recover a Sun MC database
  • Back up using the es-backup Script
  • Describe the ARCHIVELOG MODE
  • Perform an online backup
  • Restore data with the es-restore script

Managing Jobs (11 topics)

  • Manage a job
  • Open the Manage Jobs window
  • Define a job
  • Define a new module task
  • Define a new filter
  • Define a new data property task
  • Define a new module table task
  • Define a new configuration task
  • Modify an existing task
  • Modify an existing filter
  • Examine the Manage Jobslog

Examining the Web Console (2 topics)

  • Describe the Sun MC Web Console
  • Use the software Web Console

Importing and Exporting Topology (3 topics)

  • Describe the Topology Import/Export utility
  • Use the Topology Import/Export utility
  • Import and export using the CLI interface

Examining the Command-Line Interface (6 topics)

  • Describe the CLI
  • Log in to the Sun MC server using the CLI
  • List the predefined parameters and flags for CLI commands
  • List the CLI commands
  • Format CLI output
  • View the CLI log file

Installing a Sun MC Software Agent Using JumpStart Software (11 topics)

  • Describe the JumpStart software
  • Use the JumpStart software to install the Sun MC software preparation
  • Create a Sun MC 3.6 software base agent image on the JumpStart software server
  • Generate the Sun MC 3.6 software install response file
  • Generate the Sun MC 3.6 software setup response file
  • Edit the Sun MC 3.6 software install and setup response files
  • Create the JumpStart software profile file
  • Create the JumpStart software finish script
  • Create and validate the JumpStart software rules file
  • Add the install client to the JumpStart software server
  • Boot the install client

Updating the Agent (4 topics)

  • Install agents, add-on products, and patches on multiple machines
  • Create agent-update images with the image tools
  • Use the GUI image tool
  • Apply the agent-update image

Examining Interprocess Communication (3 topics)

  • List Sun MC software layers
  • Describe the ORACLE(R) process used in Sun MC
  • Describe the interaction between software processes

Service Management Facility (SMF) (2 topics)

  • Identify the method files and location for Sun MC 3.6
  • Describe the start sequence and dependencies for Sun MC 3.6

Examining the Hardware Diagnostics Software (6 topics)

  • List key features of the Sun MC Hardware Diagnostics Suite software (hardware diagnostic software)
  • Discuss the hardware diagnostic software architecture
  • Describe pre-installation considerations
  • Install and configure the hardware diagnostic software
  • Work with the software console
  • Troubleshoot the hardware diagnostic software

Troubleshooting (5 topics)

  • Identify tools for troubleshooting Sun MC software
  • Troubleshoot Sun MC software problems
  • Configure software port addresses
  • Troubleshoot security key problems
  • Monitor the Topology Manager and Event Manager software


Prior to attending the course, students should be able to: - Demonstrate basic hardware knowledge - Maintain Sun desktop servers using Solaris OS commands and utilities - Install and configure a Solaris 10 OS server - Perform administrative tasks using Solaris 10 OS commands - Administer Solaris 10 OS machines in a networked environment - Use JumpStart software to configure a server and clients - State the basic principles of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) stack - Configure and administer a TCP/IP network - Troubleshoot network problems

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