11i Financials Functional Foundation

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Oracle Curriculum
Code OC11IFF

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Oracle e-business 11i Training Courses.


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Course Overview (7 topics)

  • Oracle Financial applications
  • Primary business functions
  • Oracle Financials Applications Integration
  • Data Flow Among Applications
  • Default Account Sources
  • Multi-Org Architecture
  • Multiple Reporting Currencies

Applications Basics (6 topics)

  • Basic Applications tools
  • Applications Security model
  • Concurrent processing
  • Flex fields
  • Alerts
  • Workflow

ERDs and Applications Technology (2 topics)

  • Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)
  • Applications Technology ERDs

Oracle General Ledger (3 topics)

  • Major business functions of Oracle General Ledger
  • Oracle General Ledger entity relationship diagrams related to its major functions
  • Major tables by business function

Oracle Inventory (3 topics)

  • Inventory transaction activities
  • Major tables used in inventory transactions
  • Open interfaces and application program interfaces for inventory

Oracle Purchasing (3 topics)

  • Purchasing activity from requisition to receipt of goods
  • Major tables used in purchasing and receiving; Running a query in SQL*Plus against the appropriate database tables to review a purchase order and receipt for a given item
  • Open interfaces and application program interfaces for purchasing

Oracle Payables (5 topics)

  • Oracle Payables entity relationship diagram
  • Major tables by business function
  • Major columns in each of the major tables
  • Supplier Open Interface
  • iSupplier Portal

Oracle Assets (3 topics)

  • Oracle Assets entity relationship diagram
  • Major tables by business function
  • Major columns in each of the major tables

Oracle Order Management (3 topics)

  • Order Management process flow
  • Major tables used in Order Management
  • Open interfaces and APIs for Order Management

Oracle Receivables (5 topics)

  • Process by which Oracle Receivables generates customer invoices and manages customer receivables
  • Oracle Receivable entity relationship diagrams
  • Major tables by business function and the major columns
  • Process by which Receivables data is transferred to the general ledger
  • Deduction Management and Oracle iReceivables

Open Interfaces (3 topics)

  • Benefits of using open interfaces
  • Oracle Applications Open Interface Model
  • Managing your open interface processing

Development Topics (2 topics)

  • Interface options available within Oracle Applications
  • Solid standards for using these interfaces

Applications Architecture (7 topics)

  • Oracle E-Business Suite homepage
  • Self-Service interface
  • Professional interface
  • Architectural, database, and file system components
  • Oracle Applications and the Applications Technology stack
  • Component Applications
  • Product Dependencies


- Knowledge of minimally one Oracle applicatios - Query and display data using SQL*Plus - 11i Navigate Oracle Applications Recommended: - Knowledge of finance and accounting processes and procedures - 11i Financial Applications Overview - 11i System Administrator Fundamentals

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