IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.4 Operations

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum

This course has been retired in favour of the newer v5.5 course.


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Daily Operations (10 topics)

  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Overview
  • How TSM Uses Storage Pools, the TSM Database, and Recovery Logs
  • Using the Query Command
  • Planning Daily Operations
  • Using the TSM Administration Centre's Health Monitor
  • Performing Daily Server Maintenance
  • Scheduling Operations
  • Managing Storage Media and Device
  • Reviewing Event Logs
  • Operational Reporting

Client Management and Backup-Archive Operations (14 topics)

  • Client Interfaces
  • Managing Access
  • Managing Client Options
  • Using the Include-Exclude List and Wizard
  • Using Client Option Sets
  • Identifying Types of Backups Available
  • Backing Up Data with the GUI
  • Backing Up Data with the Command Line
  • Restoring Data with the GUI
  • Restoring Data with the Command Line
  • Archiving Data
  • Retrieving Data
  • Using Backup Sets
  • Deleting Backup Data


- Ability to navigate through Windows applications - Working knowledge of an Internet browser - Basic understanding of client-server concepts - For classes taught on a UNIX platform, students should have experience using the UNIX command line, allocating file system space, and connecting devices to a UNIX server

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