Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.0

4 Day Course
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Ghost Solution Suite Fundamentals (8 topics)

  • What Is Included in the Ghost Solution Suite?
  • Symantec Ghost Components
  • DeployCenter Components
  • Ghost Solution Suite Topography
  • Symantec Ghost System Requirements
  • DeployCenter System Requirements
  • Supported File Systems
  • Ghost Solution Suite Terminology

Installing the Ghost Solution Suite (2 topics)

  • Installing Symantec Ghost
  • Installing DeployCenter

Creating Boot Packages (6 topics)

  • Purpose of Boot Packages
  • Overview of Boot Packages
  • Requirements for Creating a Ghost Solution Suite Boot Package
  • Differences Between the Ghost and DeployCenter Boot Package Builders
  • Creating Boot Packages with the Ghost Boot Wizard
  • Creating Boot Packages with the DeployCenter Boot Disk Builder

Using Boot Packages (4 topics)

  • Methods for Using Boot Packages
  • Creating a QuickBoot Executable
  • Configuring the Ghost PXE Environment
  • Configuring the DeployCenter PXE Environment

Creating and Restoring Images Using a DOS-Based Interface (6 topics)

  • Methods of Creating Images
  • Determining an Imaging Strategy
  • Creating an Image Using the Ghost DOS GUI
  • Restoring an Image Using the Ghost DOS GUI
  • Creating an Image Using the DeployCenter DOS GUI
  • Restoring an Image Using the DeployCenter DOS GUI

Automating the Creation and Restoration of Images (3 topics)

  • Automating Symantec Ghost
  • Automating ImageCenter
  • Additional Automation Tools

Creating a Master Image File (6 topics)

  • Issues Involved in Deploying Images on a Network
  • How Microsoft Sysprep Resolves Image Deployment Issues
  • Building and Optimizing the Reference Computer
  • Removing Hardware and System Information from
  • the Reference Computer
  • Creating a Master Image of the Reference Computer

Deploying Images (6 topics)

  • Benefits and Challenges of Deploying an Image to
  • Multiple Computers
  • Overview of Multicasting
  • Differences Between Ghost and DeployCenter Multicasting
  • Using GhostCasting to Deploy Images
  • Using PowerCasting to Deploy Images

Using AutoInstall Packages to Automate Post-Deployment Customizations (5 topics)

  • How AutoInstall Works
  • Setting Up the AutoInstall Model Computer
  • Generating an AutoInstall Installation Script
  • Customizing AutoInstall Packages
  • Validating AutoInstall Packages

Integrating and Configuring Windows Desktop Computers in the Ghost Console (9 topics)

  • Purpose of the Ghost Console
  • Overview of Ghost Console Tasks
  • Installing the Ghost Client Agent on Computers
  • Assigning a Network Driver to Clients
  • Grouping Clients in the Ghost Console
  • Setting Global Properties for Managed Clients
  • Configuring the Ghost Console to Use the Image Repository
  • Creating Tasks in the Ghost Console
  • Populating the Ghost Console with Client Information

Using the Ghost Console to Create and Restore Images (2 topics)

  • Overview of Imaging Tasks
  • Creating and Running Imaging Tasks

Using the Ghost Console to Migrate OS-Based User Profiles (3 topics)

  • Overview of Profile Migrations
  • Capturing a User Profile
  • Restoring a User Profile

Using the Ghost Console to Deploy AutoInstall Packages (3 topics)

  • Benefits of Deploying AutoInstall Packages to Remote Computers
  • Creating an AutoInstall Task
  • Executing an AutoInstall Task

Using Client Inventory Reports in the Ghost Console (3 topics)

  • Building and Interpreting Client Inventory Reports
  • Creating Dynamic Machine Groups Based on Inventory Reports
  • Assigning Tasks to a Dynamic Group

Preparing to Remove a Computer from Production (3 topics)

  • Importance of Preparing Computers for Retirement
  • Methods for Securely Wiping a Computer
  • Using GDisk to Securely Wipe a Computer

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