IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center 3.3 Administration and Operation

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum
Code TS102GB

This course has been replaced by the TotalStorage Productivity Center 4.1 version.


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TPC 3.3 Overview (11 topics)

  • Reviewing SAN fundamentals
  • Explaining the benefits and solutions provided by TPC 3.3
  • Describing the software architecture of TPC 3.3
  • Explaining the features of TPC 3.3
  • Describing the functions of the Disk Manager
  • Describing the functions of the Data Manager
  • Describing the functions of the Fabric Manager
  • Navigating the basic interface for the entire TPC 3.3 suite, including Data, Fabric and Disk
  • Discovering CIM/OM agents and storage hardware
  • Performing asset reporting
  • Using the roll-up reporting feature to consolidate reports across multiple SAN environments

TPC for Fabric (9 topics)

  • Discovering Fabric Information
  • Navigating the SAN topology
  • Managing the Topology Viewer
  • Monitoring Switch Performance
  • Creating Fabric and Switch Alerts
  • Defining and Probing Fabric Groups
  • Determinoing the Properties, Connections and Sensors of a Switch on the SAN
  • Viewing Zones and Zone Sets
  • Generating Switch Performance Reports

TPC for Disk (9 topics)

  • Discovering Supported Devices
  • Collecting Performance Metrics on Supported Devices
  • Managing Filtering, Launch Task and Notification Events
  • Allocating and Deallocating Volumes
  • Assigning and Unassigning Volumes
  • Performing Configuration Functions Against the Storage Controllers
  • Raising Threshold Alerts Based on Performance Statistics
  • Identifying Performance Bottlenecks in Storage Controllers
  • Defining Performance Policies for New Allocations

TPC for Data (12 topics)

  • Describing the Policy Management Functions of IBM TPC 3.3 for Data
  • Creating Quotas and Constraints
  • Creating Computer, Filesystem, and Directory Alerts
  • Monitoring Computers, Filesystems, Directories, Storage Allocation Pools, Volume Containers, Data Containers, Databases, Users, and OS User Groups
  • Creating scheduled tasks within IBM TPC 3.3 for Data
  • Defining a File Filter to Create a Custom Profile
  • Creating Custom Groups for monitoring Computers, Filesystems, Directories, Storage Allocation Pools, Volume Containers, Data Containers, Databases, Users, and OS User Groups
  • Using Scripts Within IBM TPC 3.3 for Data
  • Perform Tracing and Review Logs for Problem Determination
  • Creating and Analyzing Reports
  • Performing Backup Coverage Determination and Reporting
  • Populating Data and Volume Containers


- Basic understanding of Storage Administration - Basic understanding of Storage Area Networks and SAN fabric - Familiarity with the IBM ESS (Enterprise Storage Server) - Familiarity with the IBM Disk Storage family (DS4000/DS6000/DS8000 series)

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