Introduction to Storage Networking

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Examine products and strategies associated with managing the explosive growth of business data across the enterprise in today's networking economy.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the convergence of networked approaches to storage connectivity, including SAN, NAS, and iSCSI
  • Describe storage networking facilitated value-add solutions including: disk or tape resource pooling, LAN-free backup, serverless backup, high availability clustering, and disaster tolerance
  • Define SAN terminology including: Fibre Channel architecture, data transfer protocols, nodes, ports, fabric, switches, hubs, bridges, and gateways
  • Correlate storage networking infrastructure with host and NAS server Logic Unit Number (LUN) assignments and device access
  • Identify resource access and sharing options and considerations associated with networked storage environments
  • Assess NAS backup options including point-in-time images with the Persistent Storage Manager, LAN-free backup with Tivoli Storage Manager, and Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) backup with Tivoli Data Protection
  • Illustrate the usage of the SAN fabric components including protocol converters, Fibre Channel hubs, switches, and directors in establishing a SAN environment

Who Should Attend

Information Technology (IT) architects, system engineers, and other specialists who need a general introduction to the storage networking environment.

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Course Content (13 topics)

  • Evolution to storage networking
  • Enterprise storage infrastructure challenges
  • Storage networking facilitated solutions
  • Introduction to Fibre Channel
  • Fibre Channel architecture
  • Fibre Channel physical model
  • Storage consolidation and host resource access
  • Storage consolidation and host LUN access
  • Resource access and sharing
  • SAN infrastructure and networking exploitation
  • SAN fabric components
  • LAN/SAN file sharing and backup options
  • SAN management overview

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