Introduction to SONET & SDH

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This course is designed to introduce you to the SONET/SDH standard and the basic concepts of optical networking so you can understand - and effectively communicate with colleagues and customers about - these dynamic broadband topics. A network using SONET/SDH and dense wavelength division multiplexing provides powerful networking capabilities, rapid reconfiguration around network failures, the ability for responsive network expansion, efficient network management, and multiprotocol support.


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Architecture Of PDH (12 topics)

  • Telephony voice
  • Network evolution
  • The start of data transmission
  • PCM encoding of voice
  • CEPT PCM30 (E1) structure
  • Signalling (CAS and common channel)
  • Multiplexing E1 to E2
  • PDH - the CEPT hierarchy
  • PDH drop and insert
  • North American & Japanese PCM
  • North American & Japanese hierarchies
  • How PDH can be improved

Architecture Of SONET & SDH (10 topics)

  • The emergence of SONET & SDH
  • What are SONET & SDH
  • SONET & SDH rates
  • SONET & SDH benefits
  • SONET multiplexing structure
  • SDH multiplexing structure
  • SONET Definitions
  • SDH Definitions
  • Paths and sections
  • Scrambling

Multiplexing-Overheads-Pointers-Stuffing-Numbering (7 topics)

  • SONET & SDH multiplexing
  • SONET & SDH pointers
  • Pointer adjustment operation and processing
  • Section and line overheads
  • Asynchronous and bit/byte synchronous mapping
  • Concatenation
  • Numbering schemes

SONET & SDH Standards (8 topics)

  • Relationship of standards bodies
  • Standards evolution
  • ITU-T recommendations
  • SONET standards
  • ETSI standards
  • Classification of optical interfaces
  • Reference models
  • Terminal equipment functionality

SONET & SDH Equipment and Deployment Issues (7 topics)

  • Network planning issues
  • Topologies
  • Network elements
  • Hierarchical networks
  • ATM integration
  • WDM and DWDM
  • IP over SDH

Synchronous Rings (8 topics)

  • Ring architectures
  • Transport network structure
  • Ring use as cross-connect
  • Traffic patterns
  • Ring failure conditions
  • Use of matched nodes
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Network architecture application

Network Management Issues (8 topics)

  • Configuration, performance, fault, security and accounting management
  • Alarm management and handling
  • Section, line and path management
  • Network management hierarchy
  • Element management
  • TMN
  • Protocol stack
  • Network management compatibility

Manufacturers Information & compatibility (6 topics)

  • Equipment comparison
  • Nortel Networks
  • Marconi Communications
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Nokia Telecommunications
  • Ciena

Appendix (3 topics)

  • SONET & SDH element structure and data table
  • Multiplexing 63 x 2 Mbit/s into STM-1
  • Glossary of terms


Delegates should have a good understanding of basic communications principles. The course is designed for anyone who needs an introduction to these technologies should take this course, including network and equipment designers, network planners, members of internal systems organisations, and sales and administrative sales support personnel.

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