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Internet Security Systems' Proventía intrusion prevention appliances deliver preemptive protection for networks. These devices stop malicious Internet attacks before they impact your organization—the only effective way to preserve network availability, reduce the burden on your IT resources and prevent security breaches.

The Network Intrusion Prevention Appliance course provides concepts, methods and practices necessary to successfully manage the Proventía G400/G2000. The course focuses on hands-on exercises supported by demonstrations, presentations and lecture. Starting with an introduction to intrusion protection, students learn about the appliance's operational modes and how to properly deploy the appliance in a high availability environment. Students also learn how to install, manage and configure G400/G2000 appliances, and how to monitor and analyze security events using both the SiteProtector Console and Proventía Manager.

Who Should Attend

Network and security professionals evaluating, implementing, managing, or monitoring an environment that includes Proventía intrusion prevention appliances (G400/2000).

This course is in preparaton for the Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) exam.

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Course Content (18 topics)

  • Introducing intrusion protection concepts and the Proventía G appliance.
  • Connecting the Proventía G appliance to your network
  • Defining the operation modes available to the appliance along with the networking considerations associated with each mode
  • Configuring the Proventía G appliance in a high availability environment
  • Restoring the Proventía G appliance and configure the initial appliance settings
  • Using Proventía Manager to configure the Proventía G appliance to communicate with and be managed by SiteProtector
  • Managing Proventía G appliances
  • Describing predefined Proventía G responses
  • Configuring response objects
  • Configuring Proventía G policies, including various types of security events
  • Using Proventía Manager to manage and monitor a Proventía G appliance
  • Restoring the Proventía G appliance (Lab)
  • Configuring passwords and initial appliance settings (Lab)
  • Registering Proventía G appliances in SiteProtector (Lab)
  • Updating the Proventía G appliance (Lab)
  • Tuning advanced parameters at the device level (Lab)
  • Configuring response objects (Lab)
  • Creating firewall rules, connection events, and protection domains (Lab)


A working knowledge of TCP/IP and Windows platforms is required. Either one of the following two situations applies: - The training is NOT attended together with the “Introduction to SiteProtector” training: the attendees must have a valid Introduction to SiteProtector certification. - The training is attended together with the “Introduction to SiteProtector” training: no further prerequisite.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course.

  • Introduction to SiteProtector

    This 2-day training course provides an Introduction to SiteProtector, providing concepts, methods and practices required to use the management tool.

    2 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code ISS-SP
    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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