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ISS' Proventía M Series all-in-one appliances identify and block known and unknown threats, as well as unwanted traffic, in a single easy-to-use and manage device. By unifying ISS' world-leading threat prevention with other distinct security technologies, the M Series eliminates the need for multiple stand-alone security products for protection at a lower cost. Proventía M automatically filters out malicious, unwanted traffic that bypass stand-alone legacy technologies for continuous business and network operations and improved productivity. In addition, the M Series provides built-in X-Force security intelligence to simplify administration and management without requiring significant security expertise.

The Integrated Security Appliance course provides concepts, methods and practices necessary to successfully use the Proventía M appliance. Starting with an introduction to the M Series technology and its components, the course focuses on hands-on exercises supported by demonstrations, presentations and lecture. Students will learn how to install and configure Proventía M. In addition, the course demonstrates how the M Series integrates disparate security technologies-VPN, Firewall, Antivirus and Intrusion Protection-into a single solution that monitors and protects a real-world network.

Product Version

- Proventía M Appliance

Who Should Attend

Security professionals and system administrators engaged in assessing security and securing information assets.

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Course Content (29 topics)

  • Describing the six components of the Proventía M
  • Installing the Proventía M, configuring the appliance for your interfaces
  • Describing information on the Home page
  • Getting the status of Proventía components on your system
  • Locating ISS contact and support information
  • Setting up your basic configuration
  • Identifying firewall methods
  • Translating your security policy into firewall policies
  • Configuring the Proventía M firewall
  • Creating firewall rules
  • Performing Network Address Translation (NAT) and Reverse NAT
  • Understanding the use of lists
  • Explaining the objectives of secure communications
  • Discussing methods of encryption
  • Explaining details of the IPSec negotiation
  • Configuring a Virtual Private Network
  • Describing components of the Proventía M intrusion prevention module
  • Detecting and blocking an attack
  • Enabling auditing and viewing intrusion events
  • Discussing the basics of Antivirus technology
  • Configuring the Antivirus portion of the Proventía M
  • Installing the Proventía M software and configuring the appliance (Lab)
  • Configuring network interfaces, changing Passwords, setting the time and date settings
  • Connecting to the Proventía Manager (Lab)
  • Installing license keys (Lab)
  • Setting up event notification (Lab)
  • Creating inbound and outbound firewall rules (Lab)
  • Testing your rules (Lab)
  • Configuring NAT, reverse NAT and port forwarding (Lab)


A working knowledge of TCP/IP and Windows platforms is required.

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