Host Protection

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM ISS Training Courses.


Course Content (16 topics)

  • Understanding the methodology and functionality of Host Agents
  • Generating Agent Builds
  • Identifying the elements of Policies
  • Using the Policy Editor to configure sensor policies and responses
  • Automated installation of Server Sensor
  • Managing Server Sensor Policies
  • Advanced features used to create user defined event signatures
  • Understanding Application Protection, Adaptive Policy, Antivirus Compliance, Buffer Overflow Exploiting Prevention and Virus Prevention
  • Agent deployment and deployment considerations
  • Enable Dynamic Blocking (Lab)
  • Controlling Web Server Access (Lab)
  • Detecting Unusual Administrator Activity (Lab)
  • Creating and Applying policies (Lab)
  • Customizing Responses (Lab)
  • Configuring Event Propagation (Lab)
  • Working with Fusion Scripting (Lab)


A working knowledge of TCP/IP and Windows platforms is required. Either one of the following two situations applies: - The training is NOT attended together with the “Introduction to SiteProtector” training: the attendees must have a valid Introduction to SiteProtector certification. - The training is attended together with the “Introduction to SiteProtector” training: no further prerequisite.

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