Network Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating System

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Unix Curriculum
Code SA-300-S10

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Solaris Training Courses.


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Introducing the TCP/IP Model (4 topics)

  • Describe network model fundamentals
  • Describe the layers of the Transmission Control Protocol/IP (TCP/IP) model
  • Describe basic peer-to-peer communication and related protocols
  • Identify TCP/IP protocols

Introducing LANs and Their Components (3 topics)

  • Describe network topologies
  • Describe LAN media
  • Describe network devices

Describing Ethernet Interfaces (3 topics)

  • Describe Ethernet concepts
  • Describe Ethernet frames
  • Use network utilities

Describing ARP and RARP (2 topics)

  • Describe Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • Describe Reverse ARP (RARP)

Configuring IP (6 topics)

  • Describe the Internet layer protocols
  • Describe the IP datagram
  • Describe IP address types
  • Describe subnetting and variable length subnet masks (VLSMs)
  • Describe the interface configuration files
  • Administer logical interfaces

Configuring IP Network Multipathing (2 topics)

  • Describe IP multipathing
  • Implement IP multipathing

Configuring Routing (9 topics)

  • Identify the fundamentals of routing
  • Describe routing table population
  • Describe routing protocol types
  • Describe the routing table
  • Configure static routing
  • Configure dynamic routing
  • Describe classless inter-domain routing (CIDR)
  • Configure routing at system boot
  • Troubleshoot routing

Configuring IPv6 (9 topics)

  • Describe IPv6
  • Describe IPv6 addressing
  • Describe IPv6 autoconfiguration
  • Describe IPv6 unicast address types
  • Describe IPv6 multicast address types
  • Enable IPv6
  • Manage IPv6
  • Configure 6to4 routing
  • Configure IPv6 multipathing

Describing the Transport Layer (4 topics)

  • Describe Transport layer fundamentals
  • Describe User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  • Describe TCP
  • Describe TCP flow control

Configuring DNS (3 topics)

  • Describe the DNS basics
  • Configure the DNS server
  • Troubleshoot the DNS server using basic utilities

Configuring DHCP (5 topics)

  • Describe the fundamentals of DHCP
  • Configure a DHCP server
  • Configure and manage DHCP clients
  • Troubleshoot a DHCP server
  • Troubleshoot a DHCP client

Configuring NTP (4 topics)

  • Identify NTP basics
  • Configure an NTP server
  • Configure an NTP client
  • Troubleshoot NTP

Configuring the Solaris IP Filter Firewall (2 topics)

  • Identify Solaris IP Filter firewall basics
  • Configure Solaris IP Filter firewall


To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to: - Install, configure, and maintain a Solaris OS product line server - Change system run levels - Read and edit system resource files

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