Solaris 10 ZFS Administration

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Solaris ZFS offers a dramatic advance in data management, with an innovative approach to data integrity, tremendous performance improvements, and a welcome integration of file system and volume management capabilities using storage pools. Learn how to set up, configure, administer and manage this file system with classroom discussion followed by in-depth, detailed lab exercises. Topics include managing pools and file systems, configuring ZFS snapshots and clones, using ZFS with Solaris Zones, using ACLs to protect ZFS files, troubleshooting and recovering data.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

- Identify ZFS hardware, software, and storage requirements
- Identify differences between ZFS and traditional file systems
- Manage ZFS storage pools
- Manage ZFS file systems
- Manage ZFS snapshots and clones
- Use ACLs to protect ZFS files
- Describe emulated volumes
- Describe ZFS alternate root pools and using ZFS with Solaris Zones
- Describe ZFS troubleshooting and data recovery

Who Should Attend

Students who can benefit from this course are experienced Solaris system administrators.

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Introduction (3 topics)

  • What is ZFS?
  • ZFS Terminology
  • ZFS Component Naming Conventions

Getting Started (4 topics)

  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Creating a Basic File System
  • Creating a Storage Pool
  • Creating a File System Hierarchy

Differences from Traditional File Systems (6 topics)

  • ZFS File System Granularity
  • Space Accounting
  • Out of Space Behavior
  • Mounting File Systems
  • Volume Management
  • New Solaris ACL Model

Managing Storage Pools (6 topics)

  • Components of a ZFS Storage Pool
  • Replication Features of a ZFS Storage Pool
  • Creating and Destroying ZFS Storage Pools
  • Managing Devices in ZFS Storage Pools
  • Querying ZFS Storage Pool Status
  • Migrating ZFS Storage Pools

Managing File Systems (6 topics)

  • Creating and Destroying ZFS File Systems
  • ZFS Properties
  • Querying ZFS File System Information
  • Managing ZFS Properties
  • Mounting and Sharing ZFS File Systems
  • ZFS Quotas and Reservations

Working With ZFS Snapshots and Clones (3 topics)

  • ZFS Snapshots
  • ZFS Clones
  • Saving and Restoring ZFS Data

Using ACLs to Protect ZFS Files (4 topics)

  • New Solaris ACL Model
  • Setting ACLs on ZFS Files
  • Setting and Displaying ACLs on ZFS Files in Verbose Format
  • Setting and Displaying ACLs on ZFS Files in Compact Format

Advanced Topics (4 topics)

  • Emulated Volumes
  • Using ZFS on a Solaris System with Zones Installed
  • ZFS Alternate Root Pools
  • ZFS Rights Profiles

Troubleshooting and Data Recovery (8 topics)

  • ZFS Failure Modes
  • Checking ZFS Data Integrity
  • Identifying Problems in ZFS
  • Repairing a Damaged ZFS Configuration
  • Repairing a Missing Device
  • Repairing a Damaged Device
  • Repairing Damaged Data
  • Repairing an Unbootable System


To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to administer the Solaris 10 Operating System.

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