Solaris 10 ZFS Administration

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Unix Curriculum
Code SA-2290-S10

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Solaris Training Courses.


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Introduction (3 topics)

  • What is ZFS?
  • ZFS Terminology
  • ZFS Component Naming Conventions

Getting Started (4 topics)

  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Creating a Basic File System
  • Creating a Storage Pool
  • Creating a File System Hierarchy

Differences from Traditional File Systems (6 topics)

  • ZFS File System Granularity
  • Space Accounting
  • Out of Space Behavior
  • Mounting File Systems
  • Volume Management
  • New Solaris ACL Model

Managing Storage Pools (6 topics)

  • Components of a ZFS Storage Pool
  • Replication Features of a ZFS Storage Pool
  • Creating and Destroying ZFS Storage Pools
  • Managing Devices in ZFS Storage Pools
  • Querying ZFS Storage Pool Status
  • Migrating ZFS Storage Pools

Managing File Systems (6 topics)

  • Creating and Destroying ZFS File Systems
  • ZFS Properties
  • Querying ZFS File System Information
  • Managing ZFS Properties
  • Mounting and Sharing ZFS File Systems
  • ZFS Quotas and Reservations

Working With ZFS Snapshots and Clones (3 topics)

  • ZFS Snapshots
  • ZFS Clones
  • Saving and Restoring ZFS Data

Using ACLs to Protect ZFS Files (4 topics)

  • New Solaris ACL Model
  • Setting ACLs on ZFS Files
  • Setting and Displaying ACLs on ZFS Files in Verbose Format
  • Setting and Displaying ACLs on ZFS Files in Compact Format

Advanced Topics (4 topics)

  • Emulated Volumes
  • Using ZFS on a Solaris System with Zones Installed
  • ZFS Alternate Root Pools
  • ZFS Rights Profiles

Troubleshooting and Data Recovery (8 topics)

  • ZFS Failure Modes
  • Checking ZFS Data Integrity
  • Identifying Problems in ZFS
  • Repairing a Damaged ZFS Configuration
  • Repairing a Missing Device
  • Repairing a Damaged Device
  • Repairing Damaged Data
  • Repairing an Unbootable System


To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to administer the Solaris 10 Operating System.

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