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Aimed at seasoned security professionals, this course surveys the entire information security landscape and the technologies involved.

The course addresses the ten knowledge domains that comprise the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) for information systems security professionals and prepares delegates for CISSP certification. The course offers a job-related approach to the security process, demonstrating the immediate application of concepts and techniques described in the CBK and providing a basic introduction to security management, architecture and engineering.

The course comprises ten sessions that map directly to the (CBK)®, each one is theory based with instructor led discussions, there are no hands on labs. The work completed in the classroom should be complimented by extra reading, references to internet resources will be provided by the instructor.

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Access to Information Systems (4 topics)

  • Control Data Access
  • Control System Access
  • Determine an Access Control Administration Method
  • Perform a Penetration Test

Networking Systems and Telecommunications (4 topics)

  • Design Data Networks
  • Provide Remote Access to a Data Network
  • Secure a Data Network
  • Manage a Data Network

Security Management (4 topics)

  • Determine Security Management Goals
  • Classify Information
  • Develop a Security Program
  • Manage Risk

Applications Security (3 topics)

  • Perform Software Configuration Management
  • Implement Software Controls
  • Secure Database Systems

Cryptography (5 topics)

  • Apply a Basic Cipher
  • Select a Symmetric Key Cryptography Method
  • Select an Asymmetric Key Cryptography Method
  • Determine Email Security
  • Determine Internet Security

Securing System Architecture (3 topics)

  • Evaluate Security Models
  • Choose a Security Mode
  • Provide System Assurance

Operations Security (3 topics)

  • Control Operations Security
  • Audit and Monitor Systems
  • Handle Threats and Violations

Business Continuity Planning (4 topics)

  • Sustain Business Processes
  • Perform Business Impact Analysis
  • Define Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Test the Disaster Recovery Plan

Physical Security (4 topics)

  • Control Physical Access
  • Monitor Physical Access
  • Establish Physical Security Methods
  • Design Secure Facilities

Law, Investigations, and Ethics (4 topics)

  • Interpret Computer Crime Laws and Regulations
  • Apply the Evidence Life Cycle
  • Perform an Investigation
  • Identify Codes of Conduct


• Delegates should have experience of at least two of the domains in the (CBK)®, for 5 years or more (4 years if they have achieved relevant certifications, e.g., MCSE). • Delegates must ensure that they have some knowledge of all CBK domains and are encouraged to read one or two of the books on the Reading List at • Current requirements for the CISSP examination are to be found at

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