Windows Server 2008 Branch Office Management & Centralized Application Access

1 Day Course
Hands On
Code W2K8CL1/CL4

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 2008 Training Courses.


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Server Deployment and Administration (4 topics)

  • Identify the changes to Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2008
  • Identify new server roles that will benefit a branch office environment and how to implement them
  • Identify file service improvements that will benefit a branch office environment
  • Identify print service improvements that will benefit a branch office environment

Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) (4 topics)

  • Identify the benefits of a RODC
  • Explain how RODC mitigates branch office challenges
  • Identify the features of a RODC
  • Identify the steps for deploying a RODC

Branch Office Security (2 topics)

  • Identify Branch Office challenges
  • Identify the value propositions of using Windows Server 2008 in a Branch Office environment

Lab exercises CL1 (4 topics)

  • Use Server Manager
  • Implement a RODC
  • Implement a Read-Only DFS
  • Implement BitLocker Technology

Terminal Services Core Functionality (5 topics)

  • Identify core services of Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services
  • Identify the benefits of Remote Desktop Connection 6.0
  • Explain Windows Embedded for Point of Services device redirection
  • Identify Remote Desktop display improvements
  • Explain Single Sign-On in the Terminal Services environment

Terminal Services Gateway (4 topics)

  • Explain how TSG allows remote connection to terminal servers
  • Explain the benefits of TSG
  • Identify requirements/prerequisites for implementing TSG
  • Identify new functionality provided by TSG

Terminal Services Remote Programs (3 topics)

  • Describe the Terminal Services Remote Programs capability
  • Identify the benefits of using Terminal Services Remote Programs
  • Describe the benefits of using Terminal Services Web Access

Terminal Services and Windows System Resource Manager (3 topics)

  • Describe WSRM
  • Identify how WSRM can be used to optimize performance of servers
  • Explain how to configure WSRM for Terminal Services

Lab exercises CL4 (4 topics)

  • Implement a client connection to a remote application using Terminal Services
  • Implement a Terminal Services Gateway
  • Deploy a TS Gateway Client
  • Use Windows Systems Resource Manager with Terminal Services


IT Professionals skilled on the technologies included in Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003.

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