Upgrading your Enterprise JavaBeans skills to EJB3

1 Day Course
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Annotations (7 topics)

  • Standard JEE annotations
  • Augmenting JNDI using resource injection
  • Default behaviour
  • Specifying defaults
  • Deployment Descriptors
  • Pros and Cons
  • EJB specific annotations

Interfaces (2 topics)

  • No need for EJBObject and EJBHome
  • Dealing with multiple interfaces

Interceptors (5 topics)

  • What they do
  • How to annotate them
  • Writing an interceptor
  • Using interceptors for lifecycle management
  • Using Interceptors for business

Using the Java Persistence API (6 topics)

  • Entities
  • Entity Operations
  • The Entity Manager
  • Mapping entiity relationships using annotations
  • The query language
  • Packaging the entities

Enterprise Bean (2 topics)

  • New lifecycle annotations
  • Writing session, entity and message driven beans

Compatibility (3 topics)

  • Combining EJB 2.1 and EJB 3
  • Calling EJB 3 components from existing clients
  • Using EJB 2.1 CMP and EJB 3 persistence


Existing EJB 2.x developers who want to quickly gain an insight into the new features available in EJB 3. Delegates should have a good grounding in J2EE development using any existing application server.

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