Organisational Politics

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Do you need to understand the type of political organisation you work for?
Do you need to become more politically aware?
Do you need to develop political strategies for working within your organisation?

Today’s organisational environment is increasingly complex with research indicating ‘negative’ organisational politics can adversely affect morale, productivity and profitability even suggesting that it is the number one cause of stress in the workplace.

Given this background, today’s leaders need to not only have a keen awareness of their political landscape, but the skills to manoeuvre effectively around political minefields using a set of behaviours critical to getting things done in a positive way for all concerned.

The Organisational Politics Workshop gives you clarity on the types of political animals that exist within organisations and, using a diagnostic profiling instrument, help you understand how to develop higher levels of political intelligence in order to create a more positive political culture for your organisation.

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Course Topics (10 topics)

  • Identify your personal preferences with regard to political behaviour
  • Understand how you view the organisational world
  • Consider what changes you may need to make to become more politically intelligent
  • Recognise political activities and how to manage more effectively
  • Design appropriate responses for positive outcomes
  • Create more productive and effective working relationships
  • Reduce frustration, anxiety and stress
  • Work productively with people who are personally challenging
  • Get things done in your organisation in spite of the 'politics'
  • Not become a 'victim'

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