Oracle AS 10g R3 Java Programming

5 Day Course
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Java Training Courses.


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Introducing the Java and Oracle Platforms (4 topics)

  • Identifying the key elements of the Java environment
  • The benefits of using Java
  • The Java SE Java Development Kit
  • Using Java with Oracle JDeveloper (

Defining Object Oriented Principles (4 topics)

  • Defining objects and understand how they are used
  • Defining classes and understand how they are used
  • Defining the O-O principles of Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Aggregation, and Polymorphism
  • Introducing the course application class model

Basic Java Syntax and Coding Conventions (8 topics)

  • Introducing basic source and byte file structure
  • Describing the basic language syntax
  • Java file structure (package, import, class)
  • Defining Classes
  • Specifying Methods (entry method main)
  • Placing comments in Java code
  • Establishing Naming Conventions
  • Declaring variables

Exploring Primitive Data Types and Operators (5 topics)

  • Primitive data types
  • What are variables?
  • Declaring and initializing variables
  • What are literals?
  • What are operators?

Controlling Program Flow (4 topics)

  • Using Flow Control in Java
  • Decisions: if, switch, conditional operator
  • Repetition: while, do-while, for
  • The break statement

Building Java Applications Using Oracle JDeveloper ( (8 topics)

  • Exploring the JDeveloper Environment
  • Creating applications
  • Specifying Project Properties
  • Examining the Directory structure
  • New Code Editor Features
  • Re-factoring
  • Using the Help System
  • Using the JDeveloper Debugger

Creating Classes and Objects (8 topics)

  • Using Java classes
  • Defining instance variables and instance methods
  • Creating objects using new and the default Constructor
  • Declaring Instance Variables
  • Calling instance methods
  • Applying Encapsulation in Java
  • What are Class Variables?
  • What are Class Methods?

Class Loading, Object Life Cycle, and Inner Classes (5 topics)

  • Method Overloading
  • The 'this' keyword
  • What are constructors?
  • Defining Inner and Anonymous Classes
  • The finalize method

Using Strings, String Buffer, Wrapper, and Text-Formatting Classes (7 topics)

  • The Java String class
  • String conversion and comparison
  • Overview of wrapper classes
  • Conversions to and from primitive types using wrapper classes
  • Formatting classes
  • About streams
  • Sets of I/O Classes

Reusing Code (8 topics)

  • Specifying Inheritance in Java
  • The super reference
  • Over-riding super class methods
  • Browsing super class references with Oracle JDeveloper (
  • Acme Video and Polymorphism
  • Limiting methods and classes with final
  • What are Java Beans?
  • Steps to build and use a Java Bean in JDeveloper

Using Arrays and Collections (5 topics)

  • What is an Array?
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Using Vectors
  • Collections framework components
  • Using Integrators

Structuring code using Abstract Classes and Interface (4 topics)

  • Defining Abstract classes
  • Defining Abstract methods
  • Creating Interfaces
  • The Sortable Interface

Throwing and Catching Exceptions (4 topics)

  • How does Java handle exceptions?
  • Catching and handling exceptions
  • Ensuring code is executed using a finally block
  • Creating exceptions

Accessing the Database with JDBC (8 topics)

  • Connecting to a database with Java
  • What is JDBC?
  • Registering the Driver
  • Getting a database connection
  • Creating a Statement
  • Executing a SQL statement
  • The Prepared Statement object
  • Pooling connections

User Interface Design: Planning a Form Layout (6 topics)

  • Running Java UI Applications
  • Swing features
  • Planning the UI layout
  • Swing Containers
  • Using Frames or Dialogs
  • Adding Components with Oracle JDeveloper (

Adding User Interface Components and Event Handling (6 topics)

  • Swing Components
  • Swing Components in JDeveloper
  • Adding a component to a form
  • The Java Event model
  • Adding event handlers using Oracle JDeveloper
  • Model View Controller Principles using a List Component

Deploying Applications using Java Web Start (6 topics)

  • What is Java Web Start?
  • Deploying Applications with JDeveloper
  • Creating the Deployment Profile file
  • Making an executable .JAR file
  • Creating and deploying the archive file
  • Using JDeveloper to deploy an application to Java Web Start


- Experience of a structured 3GL, such as C or Pascal - Basic knowledge of the principles of object orientation

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