OracleAS Portal 10g: Build Corporate Portals (Application Server)

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Oracle Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Oracle 12c Training Courses.


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Introduction to OracleAS Portal (5 topics)

  • Enterprise Portals
  • Challenges Faced by the Page Designer and Content Contributor
  • What is OracleAS Portal?
  • Extensible Portal Framework
  • OracleAS Portal Solution

Adding Content to Portal (5 topics)

  • What is an Item?
  • Identifying Item Types
  • Adding Items to the Document Library
  • Managing Items
  • Accessing the Document Library Using WebDAV

Classifying Portal Content (5 topics)

  • What is Content Metadata?
  • Classifying Content in OracleAS Portal
  • Designing Your Taxonomy
  • Classifying Content Using Categories
  • Organizing Content Using Perspectives

Implementing Custom Types (4 topics)

  • What are Custom Types?
  • Creating Custom Attributes
  • Creating Custom Item Types
  • Adding Custom Typed Content

Enabling Approval Routings and Notifications (6 topics)

  • of the Approval Process
  • Enabling Approvals and Notifications
  • Creating an Approval Routing
  • Overriding Default Approval Routing
  • Adding Status and Notification Portlets to Portal Pages; Submitting an Item for Approval
  • Approving and Rejecting Items

Building Portal Pages (8 topics)

  • What is a Portal Page?
  • Creating Pages and Sub-Pages
  • Editing Pages
  • What is a Region?
  • What is a Portlet?
  • Configuring Regions
  • Adding Tabs
  • Which Building Blocks Should I Use?

Sharing Portal Objects (8 topics)

  • What are Shared Objects?
  • Creating a Style
  • Applying Styles
  • Creating a Template
  • Creating a Page Based on a Template
  • What is a Navigation Page?
  • Displaying Navigation Pages on Portal Pages
  • Using Shared Objects Effectively

Enabling and Controlling Customization in Portal (8 topics)

  • What is Customization?
  • Customizing Pages
  • Customizing Portlets
  • Using Parameters
  • Integrating Page and Portlet Parameters
  • What is an Event?
  • Responding to Events
  • Accessing Portal Objects

Implementing Portal Search (8 topics)

  • Identifying OracleAS Portal Searching Capabilities
  • What is Basic Search?
  • What is Advanced Search?
  • What is Custom Search?
  • Building a Custom Search Form
  • Saving Your Searches
  • Searching Document Content Using Oracle Text
  • Displaying Search Results

Integrating Content from Any Web Site (3 topics)

  • Integrating Non-Portal Content into a Page
  • What is Web Clipping?
  • Integrating Content from External Web Sites Using the Web Clipping Portlet

Displaying Data Using OmniPortlet (4 topics)

  • What is OmniPortlet?
  • Publishing Portlets with Disparate Data Sources
  • Integrating Page Parameters with OmniPortlet
  • Responding to OmniPortlet Events

Creating and Managing Data-Driven Portlets (8 topics)

  • Portlet Builder Development Environment
  • What is a Provider?
  • What is a Portal DB Provider?
  • Applying List of Values to Data-Driven Portlets
  • Developing Data-Driven Portlets
  • What are Charts?
  • Creating a Chart
  • Publishing Data-Driven Portlets

Creating Form and Report Data-Driven Portlets (8 topics)

  • What is a Form Portlet?
  • Creating a Form Based on a Table or View
  • What is a List of Values?
  • Applying Lists of Values to Data-Driven Portlets
  • What is a Report Portlet?
  • Creating a Report Using the Query Wizard
  • Integrating Form and Report Portlets Using Links
  • Publishing Forms and Reports as Portlets

Integrating OracleAS Portal with Other Oracle Products (3 topics)

  • Publishing Business Intelligence on a Portal Page
  • Integrating OracleAS Discoverer with OracleAS Portal
  • Integrating OracleAS Reports Services with OracleAS Portal


Familiarity with basic HTML concepts and terms is recommended

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