Exploring New Features of IBM Lotus Domino 8 Administration

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This course covers the changes in the Lotus Domino 8 administration and user environments, including installing and configuring Lotus Domino 8 servers and Lotus Notes 8 clients, implementing new messaging features, managing users and clients with administration enhancements, administer servers using administration enhancements, deploying composite applications, and migrating a Lotus Domino 7 environment to Lotus Domino 8 and Lotus Notes 8.

Who Should Attend

This is an intermediate course for Lotus Domino 7 administrators who require early exposure to new Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes 8 features that impact system administration.

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Examining the Lotus Domino 8 Environment (3 topics)

  • Identifying new Lotus Domino 8 administration features
  • Classifying new features in Lotus Notes 8 clients
  • Installing new Lotus Notes 8 clients

Implementing New Messaging Features (4 topics)

  • Enabling Message Recall
  • Using Out of Office Service Enhancements
  • Controlling Inbox Size with Inbox Maintenance
  • Implementing General Messaging Enhancements

Managing Users and Clients with Administration Enhancements (3 topics)

  • Implementing New Client Policies
  • Executing New Client Security Features
  • Administering Servers with Administration Enhancements

Using General Administration Enhancements (4 topics)

  • Employing New Server Monitoring Options
  • Implementing Database Redirection
  • Applying New Server Security Features
  • Identifying Integration and Interoperability Enhancements

Deploying Composite Applications (4 topics)

  • Understanding Composite Application Deployment Fundamentals
  • Configuring Lotus Notes 8 Clients to Access Composite Applications on a WebSphere Portal Server
  • Introducing Composite Application Provisioning
  • Configuring Clients for User-Initiated Updates

Migrating an Lotus Domino 7 Environment to Lotus Domino 8 and Lotus Notes 8 (2 topics)

  • Upgrading Lotus Domino 7 Servers to Lotus Domino 8
  • Upgrading Lotus Notes Clients to Lotus Notes 8

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