M2126: Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M2126

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 2000 Training Courses.


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Introduction to Managing a Windows 2000 Network (5 topics)

  • Overview of Active Directory
  • Active Directory Logical Structure
  • Active Directory Physical Structure
  • Managing a Windows 2000 Network

Managing Shared Network Resources (9 topics)

  • Introduction to Publishing Resources
  • Setting Up and Managing Published Printers
  • Configuring Web Server Properties
  • Creating Web Sites and Virtual Directories
  • Managing Web site Content
  • Configuring User Authentication
  • Configuring User Access to Web Pages
  • Configuring Web Browsers
  • Maintaining a Web Server

Managing Web Services (5 topics)

  • Overview of Internet Information Services
  • Configuring Name Resolution for Client Computers
  • Troubleshooting Name Resolution
  • Support DHCP

Implementing and Managing DHCP (6 topics)

  • Overview of DHCP
  • Installing the DHCP Service
  • Authorizing the DHCP Service
  • Creating and Configuring a Scope
  • Configuring DHCP in a Routed Network

Implementing Name Resolution (3 topics)

  • Introduction to Name Resolution
  • NetBIOS Name Resolution
  • Host Name Resolution

Managing DNS (8 topics)

  • Multimedia: Basics of the Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Overview of the DNS Query Process
  • Creating Zones
  • Configuring Zones
  • Configuring DNS Updates
  • DNS Name Resolution in Active Directory
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting DNS Servers

Configuring Remote Access (7 topics)

  • Overview of Remote Access in Windows 2000
  • Configuring the Remote Access Server
  • Configuring the Remote Access Client
  • Configuring Authentication Protocols
  • Configuring Encryption Protocols
  • Configuring Routing and Remote Access for DHCP Integration


students must have: Completed Course 2151

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