CTX1733AI: Citrix NetScaler 8.0: Basic Operations and Administration

3 Day Course
Code CTX1733AI

This course has been retired in favour of the newer v9.0 course.


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Introducing and Deploying Citrix NetScaler (8 topics)

  • Citrix NetScaler Functions and Features
  • NetScaler Product Line
  • Identifying NetScaler Software Options
  • Identifying the NetScaler Hardware Platforms
  • Identifying the NetScaler Hardware Components
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Identifying Network Placement Options
  • Identifying Deployment Considerations

Performing an Initial Installation and Configuration (8 topics)

  • Installation Requirements
  • NetScaler System Installation
  • Logging in to the NetScaler System
  • Understanding the Setup Configuration Wizard
  • Setting the Password
  • Initial Configuration
  • Understanding Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Saving the Configuration

Performing Basic Administration (11 topics)

  • NetScaler Administrative Tools
  • Introducing the Configuration Utility
  • Introducing the Command Line Interface
  • Introducing the Statistical Utility
  • Introducing FreeBSD
  • Using Third-Party Tools
  • NetScaler Management
  • Performing an Upgrade
  • Managing Licensing
  • Enabling NetScaler Features
  • Managing Role-Based Administration

Configuring High Availability (8 topics)

  • Introduction to High Availability
  • HA Node Configuration
  • Configuring Nodes using the Configuration Utility
  • Configuring Nodes using the CLI
  • Verifying HA Status
  • Performing Synchronization
  • Performing a Forced Failover
  • HA Management

Configuring Load Balancing (21 topics)

  • Introduction to Load Balancing
  • Managing Entities
  • Creating Servers and Services
  • Service Monitoring
  • Introducing Monitor Parameters
  • Configuring HTTP Monitor
  • Configuring ECV Monitors0
  • Configuring HTTP-INLINE Monitors3
  • Configuring Monitors Using the Configuration Utility
  • Configuring Monitors Using the CLI
  • Load Balancing Virtual Servers
  • Configuring Virtual Server Service Types
  • Configuring Load Balancing Methods
  • Binding Load Balancing Entities
  • Configuring Session Persistence
  • Advanced Load Balancing Options
  • Configuring Load Monitors
  • Service and Virtual Server Management

Configuring SSL Offload (14 topics)

  • SSL and Digital Certificates
  • SSL Offload
  • Server Certificates
  • SSL Deployment Decisions
  • Front-End SSL with Backend HTTP
  • Front-End SSL with Backend SSL
  • Front-End SSL_TCP with Backend TCP
  • SSL Administration
  • Generating a Key
  • Generating a Certificate Signing Request
  • Generating a Certificate for Testing
  • Installing a Certificate
  • Binding a Certificate
  • Configuring Advanced SSL Settings

Configuring Policy Engine Expressions (8 topics)

  • Introduction to Policies
  • Policy Types and Their Uses
  • Expression Structures
  • Policy Syntax
  • Understanding HTTP and HTTPS Traffic
  • Identifying Qualifiers
  • Identifying Operators
  • Understanding Operands, Wildcards and Context-Sensitive Fields

Configuring Content Filtering (4 topics)

  • roduction to Content Filtering
  • Filter Actions
  • Configuring Content Filters and Identifying Actions
  • Binding Filters

Configuring Compression (3 topics)

  • Compression Benefits
  • Compression Policies
  • Associated Compression Actions

Configuring Content Switching (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Content Switching
  • Content Switching Virtual Servers
  • Content Switching Policies
  • Binding Content Switching Policies to Content witching Virtual Servers

Auditing and Logging (9 topics)

  • Syslog and Nslog Auditing
  • Configuring Audit Servers
  • Configuring Global Auditing Parameters
  • Configuring Auditing Policies
  • Binding Auditing Policies
  • Viewing Recent Audit Messages
  • Viewing Historical Audit Messages
  • Client IP Address Insertion
  • NetScaler Log Management

Monitoring (14 topics)

  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • SNMPv1 and SNMPv2
  • Configuring SNMP Managers
  • Configuring the MIB System Variables
  • Configuring SNMP Community Strings
  • Configuring SNMP Traps
  • Configuring SNMP Alarms
  • SNMPv3
  • Statistical Utility
  • Identifying the Statistical Utility Components
  • Navigating the Statistical Utility
  • Customizing the Built-in Comparative Charts Pane
  • Customizing the Group Monitoring Pane
  • Monitoring Tool


Before taking this course, Citrix recommends that learners have the following: - Intermediate knowledge of TCP/IP and HTTP protocols and understanding of the OSI model - Experience with network devices (e.g. routers, switches), various networking protocols, and aspects of application and site architecture (e.g. DMZ, VLANS) - Moderate exposure to UNIX (particularly BSD variants) - Exposure to basic systems administration concepts, including logging, software upgrade procedures and high availability operations - Familiarity with web server software (e.g. Apache, IIS, WebSphere) - Basic knowledge of DNS, SSL, and compression concepts - Understanding of concepts related to server load balancing and content switching - Knowledge of network security threats and site protection concepts (e.g. firewalls, worms, DDoS attacks)