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Do you find certain types of people difficult to understand?
Is conflict difficult for you to deal with?
Do you want to be able to motivate people?
Would you like to see how others may see you?
Do you want trust and respect from your colleagues?
Need to be able to influence people to do as you ask?

If the answer is “YES” - this is the course for you!

Mystified by how some people effortlessly know all the right people, are never stuck for what to say and understand how to get people on their side? We’ll show you how they do it.

You’ll use a cool tool called SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) to understand what motivates people and how to use that to influence them; with the result that you become trusted and understood. You will also be shown how to appeal to different learning styles to get people to feel drawn to your message.

Cohesive teams, who understand each other, work and perform at higher levels than those who are in conflict. In addition the amount of sickness from stress caused by conflict in the work environment will be reduced.

Therefore companies gain time and increased productivity from having staff that understand each other and can work together without accidentally causing conflict or tension.

How will I benefit?

You learn what motivates you enabling you to choose activities that will make you feel most satisfied.

Also, you will be able to understand the motivations of people who currently frustrate you and see how you may be perceived by them. This helps enormously in creating harmony and avoiding causing conflict in all your relationships.

You will benefit from this course if you need to create fast productive relationships in teams, where management of those people is not the main focus. For example, if you work in an IT support team, facilities group, or project team.

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Course Topics (17 topics)

  • Assess your motivational value system (using SDI)
  • Understand the motivations of other people
  • Realise how you may be seen by others with different motivations
  • Learn the key ingredients of successful working relationships
  • Understand how to sell your ideas to other people in their terms rather than your own
  • Practice getting the other person's way of seeing things through learning styles
  • Gain an understanding of how two colleagues see you (by use of pre-course questionnaires sent to you in advance)
  • Create of a personal action plan to enable you to put what you have learned into action when you get back
  • Assess your personal first impression
  • Complete a self-assessment of your value system on the SDI Triangle
  • Understand how people in other areas of the SDI Triangle are motivated and what frustrates them
  • Practice using influencing strategies to get your views understood
  • Understand what conflict looks like / sounds like / feels like for others and how to pick up the signs
  • Realise the best (and worst) strategies for dealing with different conflict styles and understand how your own style effects outcomes
  • Gain feedback on your conflict style in a safe environment
  • Practise selling your ideas to other based on what motivates them
  • Frame your ideas in terms of other peoples learning styles to appreciate what you need to do to improve their understanding of your ideas

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