Create Positive Relationships

4 Day Course

This course has been superseded by the Manage and Develop Business Relationships course.


Course Topics (17 topics)

  • Assess your motivational value system (using SDI)
  • Understand the motivations of other people
  • Realise how you may be seen by others with different motivations
  • Learn the key ingredients of successful working relationships
  • Understand how to sell your ideas to other people in their terms rather than your own
  • Practice getting the other person's way of seeing things through learning styles
  • Gain an understanding of how two colleagues see you (by use of pre-course questionnaires sent to you in advance)
  • Create of a personal action plan to enable you to put what you have learned into action when you get back
  • Assess your personal first impression
  • Complete a self-assessment of your value system on the SDI Triangle
  • Understand how people in other areas of the SDI Triangle are motivated and what frustrates them
  • Practice using influencing strategies to get your views understood
  • Understand what conflict looks like / sounds like / feels like for others and how to pick up the signs
  • Realise the best (and worst) strategies for dealing with different conflict styles and understand how your own style effects outcomes
  • Gain feedback on your conflict style in a safe environment
  • Practise selling your ideas to other based on what motivates them
  • Frame your ideas in terms of other peoples learning styles to appreciate what you need to do to improve their understanding of your ideas

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