M2553: Administering SharePoint Portal Server 2003

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M2553


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Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (2 topics)

  • Overview of SharePoint Products and Technologies
  • SharePoint Portal Server Deployment Options

Installing SharePoint Portal Server (6 topics)

  • Examining Installation Requirements
  • Installing SharePoint Portal Server
  • Lab: Installing SharePoint Portal Server
  • Configuring Accounts for SQL Server
  • Installing SharePoint Portal Server with SQL Server
  • Verifying the Installation

Configuring SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (10 topics)

  • Configuring Server Settings
  • Configuring SharePoint Portal Server Security Settings
  • Configuring Central Administration Components
  • Creating and Configuring Portal Sites and Virtual Servers
  • Lab: Configuring SharePoint Portal Server 2003
  • Configuring the E-Mail Server
  • Configuring the SharePoint Administration Web Site to Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Viewing and Setting the SharePoint Portal Server Administration SSL Port by Using Stsadm.exe
  • Configuring an Alternate Access Path
  • Enabling the Self-Service Site Creation Feature

Managing the Portal Site (9 topics)

  • Managing Portal Content
  • Managing Access to the Portal Site
  • Managing Personalization Services
  • Lab: Planning the Data Taxonomy for SharePoint Portal Server
  • Configuring Anonymous Access
  • Performing a Full Import of User Profiles
  • Creating an Audience for the Sales Managers
  • Configuring the Sales Area to Allow Exclusive Access to the Sales Department
  • Targeting Content for the Sales Managers Audience

Managing Indexing and Search (7 topics)

  • Managing Indexing
  • Managing Content Sources for Indexing
  • Managing Searches
  • Lab: Enhancing Collaboration with Windows SharePoint Services
  • Enabling Advanced Search Administration Mode
  • Creating a Content Index for the Finance Data
  • Creating a Content Source for the Finance Data

Extending SharePoint Portal Server Deployments (6 topics)

  • Implementing a Server Farm Deployment
  • Implementing Shared Services
  • Lab: Deploying Server Farms
  • Configuring Network Load Balancing
  • Installing SharePoint Portal Server
  • Extending SharePoint Portal Server to the Virtual Server and Configuring It as an Additional Front-End Web Server

Maintaining SharePoint Portal Server (10 topics)

  • Backing Up SharePoint Portal Server
  • Restoring SharePoint Portal Server
  • Managing Logs
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Lab: Planning and Implementing Disaster Recovery for SharePoint Portal Server
  • Removing the SharePoint Portal Site and Component
  • Granting the Required SQL Database Rights
  • Creating a New Configuration Database for the Portal Site and Assigning Components
  • Restoring the Portal Site

After completing this course, students will gain the skills to: (7 topics)

  • Describe the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 architecture and deployment scenarios.
  • Install Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.
  • Configure server components and create and configure portal sites and virtual servers.
  • Manage a portal site.
  • Manage Sharepoint Portal Server indexing and search.
  • Extend SharePoint Portal Server deployments to include multiple servers and shared services.
  • Maintain the SharePoint Portal Server deployment.


Before attending this course, students must have: - Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2003. - Working knowledge of networking, including TCP/IP and Domain Name System (DNS). - Working knowledge of Internet Information Services (IIS). - Successful completion of Course 2552: Administering Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, or working knowledge of Windows SharePoint Services. - Successfully completed the Windows Server 2003 core curriculum for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA).