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Nokia Horizon Manager v1.3 is a one-day course providing in-depth technical lab training. This course offers hands-on excercises using Sun Solaris or Windows 2000 workstations, Nokia IP Security Platforms, on a live network. Lab exercises are based on real-life scenarios where you will install, configure, and troubleshoot Solaris or Windows installations. Contact your Nokia ATP for more information.

Nokia Horizon Manager is a purpose-built security systems management tool for rapid deployment of Nokia IP Security Platforms. Natively interfacing with the hardened Nokia IPSO operating system, it provides centralised systems management for maintenance and recovery procedures of the underlying OS, hardware and applications.

Nokia Horizon Manager v1.3 benefits:

- Ensures rapid migration to Check Point NG
- Purpose-built for secure rapid deployment of Nokia IP Security Platforms
- Centralises security systems management of deployment, maintenance, and recovery
- Role-basd administration to effectively track and control actions and access
- Automates tasks and reduces errors streamlining consistent nadministrative procedures
- Secure SSH (Secure Shell) communication with public key authentication using RSA/DSA
- Software subscriptions guarantee updates for "Do No Harm" intelligence

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

- Install Nokia Horizon Manager
- Create user roles and assign access priviledges
- Create devices
- Create different types of groups
- Describe and test the new features of Nokia Horizon Manager 1.3
- Confiqure Check Point FW-1/VPN-1 NG, FP3

Who Should Attend

Technical persons tasked with support, installation, deployment or administration of Nokia IP Security Platforms should attend this course. This might include system administrators, firewall administrators, network engineers and technical support.

Training Partners

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Product Overview (2 topics)

  • Nokia Horizon Manager features
  • Nokia Horizon Manager interface

Installing Nokia Horizon Manager (3 topics)

  • System requirements
  • Installation procedure
  • Common installation problems and solutions

Setting up Nokia Horizon Manager (3 topics)

  • Nokia Horizon Manager privileges
  • Creating user roles

Creating devices (2 topics)

  • Creating devices manually
  • Importing and exporting information about devices

Creating and using groups (5 topics)

  • Filtered groups
  • Unfiltered groups
  • Quick groups
  • Adding devices to groups
  • Nested groups

Performing Actions (6 topics)

  • Installing Nokia IPSO versions
  • Installing, enabling, disabling, deleting, and upgrading packages
  • Backing up and restoring devices
  • Executing commands
  • Configuration Blasting
  • Scheduling Actions

Configuring Check Poin FW-1/VPN-1 NG, FP3 (2 topics)

  • Check Point FireWall actions
  • Configuring Check Point FireWall


- Basic knowledge of networking concepts, including network topologies, and teh OSI model of networking protocol stacks - Knowledge of basic router concepts as they relate to Layer 3 of the OSI model, including RIPv1 and v2, and static routes - Understanding of TCP/IP, network addressing, and subnet masks - Completion of or familiarity with the content of Nokia Security - Administration (NSA) course

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