Nokia Horizon Manager v1.3

1 Day Course
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Nokia Security Training Courses.


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Product Overview (2 topics)

  • Nokia Horizon Manager features
  • Nokia Horizon Manager interface

Installing Nokia Horizon Manager (3 topics)

  • System requirements
  • Installation procedure
  • Common installation problems and solutions

Setting up Nokia Horizon Manager (2 topics)

  • Nokia Horizon Manager privileges
  • Creating user roles

Creating devices (2 topics)

  • Creating devices manually
  • Importing and exporting information about devices

Creating and using groups (5 topics)

  • Filtered groups
  • Unfiltered groups
  • Quick groups
  • Adding devices to groups
  • Nested groups

Performing Actions (6 topics)

  • Installing Nokia IPSO versions
  • Installing, enabling, disabling, deleting, and upgrading packages
  • Backing up and restoring devices
  • Executing commands
  • Configuration Blasting
  • Scheduling Actions

Configuring Check Poin FW-1/VPN-1 NG, FP3 (2 topics)

  • Check Point FireWall actions
  • Configuring Check Point FireWall


- Basic knowledge of networking concepts, including network topologies, and teh OSI model of networking protocol stacks - Knowledge of basic router concepts as they relate to Layer 3 of the OSI model, including RIPv1 and v2, and static routes - Understanding of TCP/IP, network addressing, and subnet masks - Completion of or familiarity with the content of Nokia Security - Administration (NSA) course

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