Oracle Database 10g DBA Fundamentals

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This course is designed to give database administrators the knowledge and skills needed to maintain successful and efficient day-to-day operations of an Oracle database.  They will gain practical experience in setting up, administering and troubleshooting an Oracle10g database.  They will gain an understanding of the architecture and processes of the Oracle server.  They will learn how to plan and implement a backup and recovery strategy using operating system backups, the import and export utilities and Recovery Manager.  Delegates will learn how to monitor and improve database performance.  They will also learn how to control database resources using Resource Manager, automate tasks with the Scheduler and use Automatic Storage Management (ASM).  This course covers the main topics of the Oracle exams #1Z1-042 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I and #1Z1-043 Oracle Database 10g: Administration II.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to administer, monitor, support, backup and restore an Oracle 10g database.

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Course Content (31 topics)

  • Installing and Configuring Oracle
  • Creating and Managing an Oracle database
  • Administering an Oracle Database
  • Configuring the Oracle Network Environment and Shared Servers
  • Creating and Managing Database Storage Structures
  • Managing Redo Log Files and Control Files
  • Managing Schema Objects
  • Managing Users, Profiles, Privileges and Roles
  • Managing Undo Data and Temporary Segments
  • Monitoring and Resolving Lock Conflicts
  • Maintaining Database Security
  • Monitoring the Performance of the Database
  • Loading and Unloading Data
  • Plan a Backup Strategy and a Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Alter a Database to Archivelog and NoArchivelog Modes
  • Online and Offline Backups
  • Complete and Incomplete Database Recovery
  • Recover a Database from Non-Critical Losses
  • Perform Logical Backups with Export and Import Utilities
  • Use RMAN to Perform Backups And Restore
  • Use Flashback Technology to Recover a Database
  • Use Flashback to Recover From User Errors
  • Database Corruption
  • Diagnostic Sources
  • Use Automatic Database Management
  • Monitor and Manage Storage
  • Use Automatic Storage Management
  • Monitor and Manage Memory
  • Control Database Resources Using Resource Manager
  • Automate Management Tasks with the Scheduler
  • Secure the Oracle Listener


A working knowledge of SQL*Plus is required. This can be gained by attendance on the pre-requisite course. Knowledge of PL/SQL would be beneficial.

Additional Learning

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