Oracle Database 10g DBA Backup & Recovery (Official)

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Oracle Curriculum
Code O10GBR

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Oracle DBA Training Courses.


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Introduction (3 topics)

  • Overview of backup methods
  • Overview of recovery methods
  • Backup and recovery strategies

Configuring for Recoverability (3 topics)

  • Configuring ARCHIVELOG mode
  • Specifying a Retention Policy
  • Configuring the Flash Recovery Area

Using RMAN to Create Backups (7 topics)

  • Configuring RMAN Persistent Settings
  • Configuring Backup Optimization
  • Enabling Fast Incremental Backup
  • Creating an Oracle-suggested Backup
  • Creating Duplex Backup Sets
  • Configuring Control File Auto-backups
  • Managing Backups

Using RMAN to Perform Recovery (6 topics)

  • Performing Complete Recovery
  • Performing Recovery Using Incrementally Updated Backups
  • Using the Flash Recovery Area for Fast Recovery Restoring and Recovering the
  • Database on a New Host
  • Restoring the Server Parameter File
  • Restoring the Control File from Auto-backup

Using Oracle Flashback Technologies (5 topics)

  • Performing Flashback Table
  • Flashing Back Dropped Tables
  • Performing Flashback Versions Query
  • Performing Flashback Transaction Query Configuring Flashback Database
  • Performing Flashback Database

Using RMAN to Create a Duplicate Database (3 topics)

  • Creating an Initialization Parameter File for the Auxiliary Instance
  • Creating a Duplicate Database
  • Using Enterprise Manager to Create a Duplicate Database

Performing Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery (2 topics)

  • Tablespace Point-in-time Recovery Architecture Determining the Recovery Set Tablespaces Performing Basic RMAN Tablespace Point-in-time Recovery
  • Troubleshooting Tablespace Point-in-time Recovery

Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog (4 topics)

  • Configuring the Recovery Catalog Database Creating the Recovery Catalog Owner
  • Creating the Recovery Catalog
  • Registering a Database in the Recovery Catalog Cataloging Additional Backup Files
  • Manually Re-synchronizing the Recovery Catalog Creating and Executing Stored Scripts

Monitoring and Tuning RMAN (4 topics)

  • Monitoring RMAN Sessions
  • Monitoring RMAN Job Progress
  • Interpreting RMAN Message Output
  • Tuning RMAN Backup Performance

Oracle Secure Backup Overview (5 topics)

  • Oracle Secure Backup
  • Tape Management and Integration with Oracle Products
  • Oracle Secure Backup Interface Options
  • Media Management Expiration Policies
  • Securing Data and Access to the Backup Domain

Install Oracle Secure Backup (4 topics)

  • Perform Pre-installation Tasks
  • Perform Installation Tasks
  • Configure the Administrative Server
  • Configure Oracle Secure Backup Users

Use RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup (5 topics)

  • RMAN Database Backup to Tape
  • Define Database Storage Selectors
  • Back Up the Flash Recovery Area to Tape
  • Perform Oracle-suggested Backup to Tape
  • Manage Database Tape Backups

Back Up File System Files With Oracle Secure Backup (5 topics)

  • Manage Media Families; Create Datasets
  • Create Backup Windows
  • Create Backup Schedules
  • Create Backup Triggers
  • Create On-Demand Backup Requests

Restore File System Backups with Oracle Secure Backup (3 topics)

  • Browse the Catalog for File System Backup Data Restore File System Data
  • Create a Catalog-Based Restore Request
  • Submit a Restore Request

Manage Oracle Secure Backup Security (4 topics)

  • Manage User Access Control
  • Define an Oracle Secure Backup User
  • Leverage Oracle Security Technology Administrative Server Certificate Authority (CA) Create Encrypted Backups; Restore Encrypted Backups
  • Perform Encrypted Recovery

Manage the Administrative Domain (5 topics)

  • Managing Common Daemon Operations
  • Managing Policies and Defaults
  • Configuring Oracle Secure Backup Policies
  • Adding Clients, Media Servers, and Devices Managing Devices and Volumes
  • Managing Jobs


A working knowledge of Oracle SQL*Plus and Oracle Database Administration. This can be obtained by attendance on the pre-requisite courses.

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